Land On The Moon
Land On The Moon

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This unique and romantic gift provides ownership of a piece of land on the moon. So the next time you look into the night sky you can say 'I own a piece of that!'

When you buy this gift, the International Lunar Embassy in UK will register and assign a unique acre of land in your name. A Amazing Gift Co gift box with the deed, documents and souvenir coaster along with a personalised message is then sent to you.

This gift is widely popular in several countries and is now available in India as a pre-registered direct import. Several celebrities like Pandit Jasraj and Shahrukh Khan have been gifted this and Land On The Moon has even been purchased by the Hilton and Mariott Hotels!

Gift Pack Includes:
Personalised Lunar Deed
Lunar Map
Mineral Rights Document
Welcome Letter
Bill of Rights and Lunar Constitution
I Own the Moon coaster

More About Land On The Moon:
The section of the land that Dennis Hope has made claims to is exclusively available for sale through the 'Lunar Embassy'. In the absence of jurisdiction on the moon and the inability of most of us to get there - this will currently be a symbolic and romantic gift that will be treasured forever! Read a Times Of India story and see FAQ.

Aditi, DELHI
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Out of the box product, delivery time really good
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VERY GOOD quality rating!
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Roohi, Mumbai
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VERY GOOD quality rating!