Personalised Newspaper

Looks like the real thing - the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions! Fold and surprise someone or frame and keep forever!

Personalised Newspapers for birthday
The name of the newspaper comes up right on top of the paper's front page.
Birthday Times, Arjun's Birthday Chronicles, Happiness Gazette, or anything else you want!
Put a date to the newspaper - this could be that of the occasion.
The headline is printed right above your picture. Make it short and smart!
• Happy Birthday Samir
• Vidisha Becomes Richest In The World
• Sharmas Celebrate 50th Anniversary
• Or write whatever you want!
Upload a picture that's prominently printed below the headline. If you need a collage - use any online service to make one and upload the finished image.
This gets printed below the picture and is the main content of the newspaper. Write whatever you want here!
• The Sharmas celebrated their anniversary with great enthusiasm on the 14th of October this year in a five-star hotel. The event was attended by various celebrities including Salman Khan and Rajnikant. A very large selection of delicious dishes were specially prepared...
• It's that time of the year when we celebrate your birthday. And this year I hope it's better than any of the others and you have a wonderful year ahead. You deserve it...
• We have had our differences and we have fought bitterly over the smallest things. But every day when I go back I realize that you are the one for me and there's no way I can continue to exist without you...
Flip over this frontpage and there's a back-page on the sheet with random news from the world of entertainment. This page cannot be personalised.
Apart from the details mentioned above the page is filled with random news from sports, movies and entertainment. This area cannot be personalised. No other changes to the personalised newspaper are possible.
Personalised Newspapers for birthday
Personalised Newspapers for birthday
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