Who Needs A Reason to Give Gifts

Some of us are great at remembering dates and occasions and thus are always prepared with our gifts. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or festivals, some people have a knack of keeping track. On the other hand some of us cant really remember even our own birthday!

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For people like these one should consider the fact that one’s feelings are not always measured by their memory regarding dates. But at the end of the day everyone like it when someone remembers their anniversary or birthday and gives them cool gifts on that day to celebrate. So one solution for people who cant really keep track of dates and occasions is to not wait for a reason to give gifts.

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Gifts are in any case an expression of emotions and feelings. They only represent what you feel for the other person and reflect your appreciation or love for them. So it need not be bound by occasion. You can give gifts to your parents, siblings and friends out of the blue, letting them know that you care about them whatever the day.

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The great things about such an unexpected gift that is given for no reason is that it comes as a great surprise and the effect can be double that of normal gifting. In fact, it may even make the gift recipient feel more loved and appreciated.

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So don’t wait for a special day to arrive to give that awesome gift to that someone special. Make them feel great with surprise gifts that focus more on your emotions. And who knows, if you miss their birthday the next time, they won’t really mind it!

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