Adorable Anniversary Gifts For Your Husband Or Boyfriend

My husband is a music aficionado and he sings like a beautiful dream. Right from the beginning of our relationship, he was very keen that I learn a musical instrument because he knew that I had an inkling towards music. Due to work pressure and a lot of laziness in picking up a new hobby, I totally ignored hubby’s requests. But a couple of years ago, all that changed. I started taking private lessons in learning how to play the Tabla and with a lot of practice and balancing my time, I became quite proficient at it. Not sure if Ustad Zakir Hussain would agree to this though! This year on our wedding anniversary, I wanted to do something different for my husband and so I surprised him with a private performance and the delight on his face was worth all the effort I had put in to learn this new skill. Though the biggest surprise for my husband was my performance on the Tabla, I did organize some unique, creative and naughty gifts for him from Exciting Lives. They have a wide range of adorable anniversary gifts for your husband or boyfriend.

Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle – Wooden

This cute jigsaw puzzle made of high-quality MDF wood is fun, exciting and a challenging gift for the recipient. Watch them put together the pieces and create the final picture and message. It’s a super personalised gift idea for any special occasion and especially for an anniversary!

4Play – The Game Before The Game

Ever tried going down a water slide without water? Then you will realize the importance of foreplay. 4PLAY is a first of its kind board game that is dedicated to get you and your partner wet, before the actual act! The 24 different tasks come with a precise time limit each. This makes completing 3 turns each a challenge! Cheating/Denial to perform a task welcomes an erotic punishment. So spin the wheel and let your destiny decide the path tonight!

Steamy Intimate Game For Couples

This classy game for couples guarantees hours of intimate fun. With hundreds of question-answers, activities and quizzes combined with the dice, ribbon and feather, this makes the ideal accessory for every couple, newlyweds, a wedding, anniversary or a honeymoon gift.

Photo Personalised Candle

This cute little fragrance candle comes with a personalised print on its wall. With a photo print in the middle and your caption at the bottom, it’s ideal for any special occasion or a gift as a permanent keepsake on your desk at home or at work.

Famous Lovers Personalised Framed Print

This unique personalised framed gift lists all the famous couples from over the years and has your names right in the middle. Gift this very memorable memento to make a lasting impression on a special occasion.

Be There For You Mug

Romantic quote based on the theme song of the popular Friends TV show. Printed with fan artwork in black and colourful dots, this is a unique and meaningful gift for your special one.

Intimacy – Romantic Game For Couples

Play this romantic question-action game with your partner and get to know them really well! The Intimacy Cards Game Set consists of over 125 questions that need answers and actions that need to be performed. Hours of sexy fun and excitement are guaranteed with this box set, that makes a perfect couple’s gift for honeymoons, weddings or just for a great time!

For adorable anniversary gifts for your Husband or Boyfriend, visit Exciting Lives.  Do read the sections given below for more ideas.

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Best Anniversary Gift Ideas

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