Tips on What to NOT Gift

When we have to buy a gift for our loved ones we always put in a lot of thought into it. We consider the occasion, is it a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation or any other milestone or event. Then we also keep in mind things like gender or age in order to choose the right gift. Other considerations could be the cost of the gift and the people’s individuals preferences.

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But there is more that comes into play in the etiquette of gifting. While one focuses more on what can be gifted to friends and family, what tends to slip from the mind is that fact that there are certain gifts that should not be given to people. Considerations like culture and beliefs also play an important role in choosing the perfect gift.

Apparel and clothing being one the most gifted items for any occasion, gender or age, there are some tips for keeping away from certain items. Some people consider shoes as bad gifts while black items could be taken as bad luck. Gloves are perceived as harbingers of agitation and fights hence should not be given to friends or family. Handkerchiefs are also a symbol of sorrow to some people as something to wipe away your tears and so are better to stay from.

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Then some gift based on superstitions are ones to think about before gifting to someone special. Sharp objects like knives and scissors are on the list of not so popular gifts. While others are country specific, like no even value cash gifts in India, no cat trinkets in Italy and no mirrors in China. Although the country specific ones could be totally opposite in another country.

Apart from superstition and culture based gifts that should not be given are the tricky ones that could hurt someone’s sentiments. Self help books and hygiene items are ones that need careful consideration before gifting to anyone Another tricky one is second hand items or passing on old gifts. You need to remmeber that if you did not like it in the first place will the other person.

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In the end what really matters is whether the person you are gifting to will like your gift and cherish it for the emotional value behind it. But even if you know the person very well it is better to play it safe and not offend them. Hence do your homework in all ways before you buy that perfect gift for that perfect someone.

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