The Thanksgiving Tradition

As the world shrinks, people these days are citizens of the world. Technology has made not only accessing different countries and cultures easier but also immersing in them. People are more keen and open to embracing the world for the differences within it. They are not just willing but enjoy other cultures and traditions and this has led to a lot of festivals and celebrations that used to be limited to some countries and cultures to now being celebrated across the world.

Thanksgiving is one such occasion that is slowly becoming more and more popular, even though it a very American holiday. Its origins lie in the harvesting season, a celebration of the harvest by the Pilgrims. But that sentiment of being thankful is not just limited to food anymore. It has slowly become more about thanking the universe for family, friends and all that you are grateful for in life.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

People take this opportunity to be together with their families and friends over a meal that has a specific menu. The dishes are traditional, the centre of the feast being a roasted turkey. Pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce are also a must. With Christmas fast approaching, the music is filled with holiday numbers. Families bond with each other over a game of sports, board games or cooking the meals together. Even though the focus on gifts is reserved more for the upcoming Christmas, some people do exchange knick knacks to increase the fun.

Image by maurafay from Pixabay

The popularity of cross cultural celebrations like thanksgiving can be attributed majorly to TV shows and cinema apart from the fact that people travel and settle in various countries much more than they ever did before. Human emotions and needs are the same all over and everyone enjoys bonding with loved ones over good food and music and lots of conversations. So why not add another celebration to your holidays if you haven’t already.

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