Surprise Birthday Gifts For Brothers

This is my story of surprise birthday gifts for brothers. Brothers can be a real pain at most times.  My brother rightly belongs to this category.  But then I must reluctantly admit that he is always there for me, through thick and thin.  He has my back covered all the time.  When we were growing up, I had to face all the teasing, hair-pulling and pranks as it happens in every other household.  But through all of this, he stood by me like a rock, protecting me from the school bully, the punishments from mom and dad and several other fights that I would get into.  In my own strange way, I loved him immensely.  He is the strong, silent type and does not express his feelings as easily as I do. 

Feeling quite emotional this year, I thought I would give him a lovely surprise, something that he would never have expected. He is the family bookworm, always having his nose buried in some book or the other.  He devours newspapers and it is very difficult to get to read them when he is around.  When I visited the Exciting Lives website, I looked at the birthday gifts for brothers section and found the Personalised Newspaper Gift.  I then knew that this would be a unique and surprise birthday gift for my brother.

The description for this gift reads as follows.

Gift this truly amazing personalised newspaper front-page print that has your choice of newspaper name, headlines and other details. With its permanent print and great quality, it makes the best possible gift on a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion. You can either fold the print over a real newspaper to surprise someone or frame it (framing not included) as a permanent memento!

You can order this gift here

I managed to put together a humorous and catchy headline, a beautiful write-up and a lovely picture of my brother, for his edition of a personalised newspaper.   The sheer delight on his face when he received this gift was priceless!  There was a wealth of emotion there that words could just not describe.  It was definitely a Kodak moment that I managed to capture on camera, for eternity!

Nandini Kamat

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