Superhero Gifts For Halloween

While most festivals and occasions are celebrated with joy and glorious festivities, there is one that stands out for giving out a dark and morbid vibe. Halloween is a rather different kind of celebration that is said to have it’s roots in pagan beliefs and also a Celtic background.

Mini Crystal Head Decanter

While ghosts and ghouls are the mainstay of Halloween, revolving around death and destruction. But where there is darkness, could the light of life saving heroes be far behind! As costumes became a big part of the Halloween tradition, children were found going trick o treating in elaborate ghost, vampire or witch costumes. But these were soon over taken by the huge gambit of superhero costumes.

And thus Halloween came to include merchandise and symbols associated with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. From costumes to mugs to decorations, you now find a wide range of of superheroes.

Always Be Yourself Mug
Great Power Superhero Mug
Superheroes Mug

Although the main attraction of Halloween has always been the candies and goodies that kids get from door to door knocking, even Halloween gifts are getting popular by the day. Both scary and superhero gifts for kids are increasingly available online and at gift stores. Things like mugs, accessories, bags, posters etc are the kind of merchandise available.

Captain America Retro Pocket Watch
Bat Man Retro Pocket Watch
Super Man Vintage Pocket Watch

The house could be decorated all over with different superhero items but one things will never change for sure, the scary carved pumpkins lit up menacingly at the doors and windows!

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