Special Milestones for Wedding Anniversaries

While some people count the wedding day as one of the most important days of their lives, some believe anniversaries are the real thing. The couple are presented with beautiful wedding gifts on the wedding day and on anniversaries it’s the couple’s turn to present each other with romantic and meaningful gifts.

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Anniversary gifts take on a deeper meaning as years go by as they signify the importance of the years spent together by the couple and celebrate their lives so far. An important and interesting consideration that goes into choosing the perfect gift for your spouse or partner is the fact that different anniversary years are signified by different materials.

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1st Anniversary: Paper
2nd Anniversary: Cotton
3rd Anniversary: Leather
4th Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers
5th Anniversary: Wood
7th Anniversary: Wool or Copper
10th Anniversary: Tin or Aluminium
14th Anniversary: Gold Jewelry
15th Anniversary: Crystal
20th Anniversary: China
25th Anniversary: Silver
30th Anniversary: Pearls
40th Anniversary: Ruby
50th Anniversary: Gold
60th Anniversary: Diamond

This yearly symbolism for different anniversary milestones makes the milestone extra special. So put in some extra thought into the romantic gift that you are planning this year. Try to make it connect with the material that is meant for that year and make it more meaningful.

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