Season Of Fun and Festivity

As the end of the year approaches people have a lot to look forward to. With Christmas round the corner, the mood is that of love and togetherness. Spending the holidays with friends and family, exchanging gifts with loved ones and expressing gratitude for all that one has had through the year. With the New Year approaching right after that, it is also a time for reflection and self analysis.

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While memories are celebrated during the Xmas festivities, New Year celebrations are more about creating new ones. No matter how the year went by one always looks to the next year as a gift of the opportunity to make things better, to improve on the past. It encourage a positive outlook to the coming year.

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Christmas and New year festivities go hand in hand as one follows the other. The mood and tone of the celebrations are also similar. Both are family celebrations involving the children as well as the adults. Families get together for dinners and parties. People set aside time to be with each other. And as part of the fun they exchange gifts as well.

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With the year having been taken over by worries about the pandemic, how we celebrate this year will change drastically but the spirit will remain the same. Families and friends may not be able to meet in person but the distance can be made up through video call, sending each other gifts and staying in touch as much as one can. So prepare for Christmas and New Year with the same enthusiasm but a higher level of care.

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