Romantic and Cool Valentine Gifts for Men

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, it might be a cliché to say that but for some people it really rings true. And this difference makes it harder for women to buy gifts for their boyfriends, husbands or partners on Valentine’s Day.

While the whole romantic angle nearly always works as far as women are concerned it might not be the same for men. Gifts for men need to a bit unusual as they need to be a combination what they would really like while combining it with the touch of romance.

Some ideas that would work perfectly to achieve that cool and fun, yet romantic gift are as listed below, take your pick.

‘I Love You Everyday’ Mug

Without the pink love hearts and mushy messages, this mug tells it straight as it is.

I Love You Everyday Mug

Personalised Mementos

Let him know how you feel about it in subtle or obvious ways but these mementos make sure the romantic messages are fun.

Together Personalised Memento

‘Who Is The Hottest’ Mirror Card

Flatter your love with this witty Valentine gift that will make them float on cloud nine.

Who Is The Hottest Mirror Card

The Kama Sutra Love Box

Naughty, cheeky and super romantic, this hot gift box will make your Valentine love it the most.

Kama Sutra Love Box
Kama Sutra Love Box

Personalised Underwear for Him

Declare him to be your property with this funny gift that is personalised with your name on it.

Personalised Underwear For Him

So keep in mind, no matter what people say about men wanting useful or macho gifts, on Valentine’s Day everyone wants a touch of romance in their special gifts!

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