Quirky Gifts Are The Best Kind of Gifts Ever

Some people believe that quirky gifts are the best kind of gifts ever. Agreed, you cannot give quirky gifts to everyone you know.  But you could at least try them on that friend of yours, who never uses your gifts in the right way.  Remember the time when you got her a pet dog and she forgot all about it and you had to take it away or the roses that you got for her and she tried planting them in her garden?

Or when you thought you bowled your husband or boyfriend over with romantic gifts and the trying-to-be-excited kind of look that he gave you and failed horribly?  And what about presents to that sibling who kept telling you that you were adopted, in all the years that you grew up together?  What do you gift to someone who has everything?

Try quirky gifts for a change.  Your recipients might actually love them.  They are fun, creative and experimental and bring a bit of humour into the gifting experience!

Exciting Lives endorses the statement that quirky gifts are the best kind of gifts ever and here are some products that might get you interested.

Gusse Wali Pyar Wali Chai Cups – Set Of Two

Serve tea in the ‘Gusse Wali’ cups when angry and ‘Pyar Wali’ when all’s well! This quirky, romantic and useful ceramic set includes 2 cups with prints that read ‘Gusse Wali Chai’ and ‘Pyar Wali Chai’ in Hindi Font.

Pran Jaye Par Wajan Naa Jaye Magnet

This humorous and colourful magnet plays on the classic Bollywood theme to highlight everyone’s weight problems! With a bold weighing machine and text that reads ‘Pran Jaye Par Wajan Naa Jaye’, this is a fun little gift that will stand out!

Engineer’s Mug

The perfect gift for engineers. This high-quality ceramic mug with text reading – ‘I Hate Being Sexy But I’m An Engineer, So Can’t Help It’ – will make their day very special!

Mr. Fit Personal Trainer

A ‘Blow up Man’ with a vibrating body part! Fun little gift for bachelorette parties and other occasions! Blow him up, turn him on and work out with this professional – raising more than a smile. And no prizes for guessing which body part vibrates!

Big Box Of Insults

Guaranteed to end your enemies, best friends and even siblings – this collection of a hundred insults from around the world is a witty gift and a useful weapon in your attack arsenal. Gift them on their special occasion or when you want to roast someone and send them into a spiral of lethal despair and incurable self-loathing!

Personalised Hukka

Here’s something really unique for someone who loves the hukka – a classy set with a name engraved on it. It’s the perfect birthday gift for your friends or while organising a party!


The world’s first game about cursing is hilarious and a wonderful idea for fun and action at your next party. The collection of unusual, really funny and straightforward swear words from around the world is a fun game and also a great source of information for innovative cursing ideas.

For quirky and out-of-the-ordinary gifting options, shop at Exciting Lives. Do read the sections given below for more ideas.

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