Personalised Gift Ideas for Girls

Is it your best friend’s wedding or your first anniversary? Is Mother’s Day round the corner or did your sister just graduate?

Sometimes the issue with gifting things to the most important women in your life is not a dearth of options but quite the opposite. It may not be the same for men, but for women it certainly is. There are so many gifting options available to us in stores or online that it makes it hard for us to decide what to get for the girls.

But there are always some things that never go wrong. Some of those are personalised gifts that lend a thoughtful touch to the gifts. Take a look at some off beat personalised gift options for girls:

A beautiful wooden hairbrush with her name on it, a must have on her dresser. It is especially handy knowing no girl wants to share her hairbrush with anyone.

This one is for the girl with a sense of humour. Make your friend, sister or mother laugh at this cute photo cushion with their pic on it. Do make sure it’s one of their good looking ones!

This sweet compact mirror personalised with a name is something she will make sure she carries around in her bag everywhere she goes. It may not be big but the personal touch and usefulness puts it right up there in appreciation.

For the kitchen queens this chef hat is a great gift. With her name on it she can proclaim the territory she rules. And maybe cook you something delicious in return!

This beautifully carved box is a wonderful gift for any girl and for any occasion. With her name carved exquisitely on the top, it can be used for anything from jewelry to other knick knacks at office or home.

If you ever get stuck again on what to gift to the females in your family, rest assured, a personalised gift is a sure shot hit. Be it a name gift or photo gift, its bound to make their day!

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