Pamper Yourself This Diwali Break

Crackers, sweets, decorations, diyas and lights, Diwali is the festival full of life, energy and joy. We all get caught up in the celebrations and put in extra effort to make it the perfect Diwali. Running around shopping for décor for the house, gifts for the family and organising the puja. The Diwali break goes by in a flash when we get busy with all this.

Although the whole running around is part of the fun, at times we come out of the holidays feeling like we may have exhausted ourselves with all the celebrating and need a few more days to unwind and recover. So this Diwali a great idea would be to set aside a little bit of time to pamper yourself. Do something special to relax after the festive season.

Possibly the best way to do this, is to indulge yourself with a spa or massage. A visit to the spa is a great stress reliever. The many benefits one gets from a massage include removing toxins from the body, improving blood circulation and improving sleep quality.

Abhyangam Experience

There are many types of massages to suit anyone’s needs. Some Ayurvedic massages like Abhyangam and Sirodhara involve the use of oils that help relive tension in the muscles, rejuvenate the body and enhance glowing skin. This could well be a Diwali gift for husbands or a special gift for wives after a week of hectic Diwali activities.

Couple Aroma Jacuzzi Spa
Couple Aroma Jacuzzi Spa

Another great idea for this Diwali is the couple spa gift. What could be better than to spend a day with your partner, relaxing and bonding in plush surroundings and being pampered together. Couple spas and couple massages are also a great gift for wedding and anniversaries.

Some massages with an international touch are also very popular, like the Balinese massage, Amma massage and the Hawaiin Lomi Lomi massage. Whereas there are some unique ones that may sound rather odd but give equally amazing results as the traditional massages. Like foot reflexology, Body Electric massage, Cactus massage or the Watsu which combines the massage with Shiatsu.

Foot Reflexology For Couple

The best part is that its extremely easy to book yourself for any of these massage options. You can buy gift vouchers online, book the slot that suits you and step into bliss on the day of your choice. So take some time out this Diwali for yourself or give your friends and family this unique Diwali gift of a day of relaxation.

Ultimate Indulgence Spa Experience

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