Quirky Gifts Just for Fun

Gifts are chosen as per the occasion or a special date but what is most important to keep in mind while gifting is the person. Their nature, attitude, likes and dislikes. When you know a person well, gifting can be a fun activity. Here are some quirky gift ideas for those who can handle it.

1. Personalised Coffee Stencil

Personalised Coffee Stencil

2. Bra Bag

Bra Bag

3. Black Ceramic Mug Set

Slim Black Ceramic Mug Set of 2

4. Personalised Mini Cricket Bat

Personalised Mini Cricket Bat

5. Help Me Bookmark

Help Me Bookmark

6. Hopside Down Glass

Hopside Down Glass

7. LED Hair Extensions

LED Hair Extensions

8. Mr Fit Personal Trainer

Mr Fit Personal Trainer

9. Social Distancing Personalised T Shirt

Social Distancing Personalised Tshirt

10. Gunshot Glass Set

Gun Shot Glass Set

These quirky gifts make you think out of the box and can end up pleasantly surprising people. This way they may enjoy their gifts even more. So be experimental but make sure you know the recipient well enough to match the right gift to the right person.

Unique Wedding Gifts For the Perfect Couple

A glowing bride, a dashing groom and the feeling of love in the air, that’s all that is needed to make a perfect wedding. But one cant do without the gorgeous decorations, amazing wedding gifts and of course, the loving relatives and friends.

Wedding gifts are essential in these celebrations. For the couple starting a new life together, these gifts act both as auspicious blessings as well as practical gift items to start a new home.

These personalised champagne glasses engraved with the couple’s names are an elegant gift with hint of romance.

Personalised Champagne Flutes

Some home gift items are clocks but you can make them special by getting them personalised with their couple photos on them, bringing an element of a personal touch while being a useful gift as well.

Hearts And Flowers Clock
Clock Of Love

A special gift game for their special time together is this naughty game gift for couples. A naughty gift for friends getting married with a high hotness quotient.

Intimacy - Romantic Game For Couples

A heritage holiday can be a wonderful wedding gift or honeymoon gift, have the wedding couple stay in a luxurious heritage property.

Heritage Holiday Break

Some fun gifts are this photo frame with Mr & Mrs written on top or this mug set with the same. A great way to rub it in with some fun.

Mr And Mrs Photo Frame Lamp
Mr And Mrs Personalised Mug Set

Another practical gift for weddings is a gift voucher that gives the bride and groom the freedom to choose whatever they like for their new home together.

Lifestyle Shopping Pack

Make the wedding celebrations complete with these wonderful gifts for the special couple, to help them embark on a new adventure with laughter and joy.

Creative Ways To Decorate Your Walls

Everyone likes to decorate their house in many differnet ways. From rugs and cushions to unique items on tables and shelves. An important feature in every home are the walls. The way these are utilised to bring out looks is very important. From the colour of the walls to what hangs on them. Check out some interesting and off beat ways to decorate your walls with a personal touch.

1. Personalised Poster: A cool gift for friends with your favourite pic on this 12×18 inches high quality poster. This is something that never goes out of fashion.

Personalised Poster

2. Personalised Wall Calendar: An essential item in every house, this calendar is also a photo gift item. Couple pics or family pics, choose what works best for you.

Personalised Wall Calendar

3. Framed Prints With Messages: A great idea as couple gifts or for anniversaries etc. And a truly romantic gift to frame your togetherness forever on your walls.

Partners In Crime Personalised Print
Together Personalised Memento

4. The Beer O Clock: Clocks do not need to be a boring look for the house. Interesting and unique looking clocks can give a twist to the look of your home. A cool gift for beer lovers, quirky gifts are a fun gift idea.

Beer O Clock

5. Best Cook Memento: A cool gift for the kitchen queen or king, this personalised gift is for your kitchen walls. Every wall of the house is worth celebrating.

Best Cook Framed Memento

Try out these new and unique ways to light up your walls. From posters to clocks to framed prints. There are many out of the box gift options which can be given to friends and family on occasions like housewarming, birthdays and more.

Dry Fruits And Sweets For Diwali

The moment one thinks of Diwali what comes to mind is lights, diyas and candles. But a close second are the combination of sweets and dry fruits that are a common gift during these days. And also the foremost serving for guests. Not only are dry fruits and sweets associated with Diwali but other major festivals as well.

Dry fruits around Diwali time are majorly a result of the season. The festival usually falls around approaching winter, the right time for their consumption. Also, they are easily stored and do not go bad due to the cold weather. An additional benefit is that dry fruits are a healthy food item.


Apart from the practical aspect, dry fruits also have a significance. They are associated with richness and wealth and Diwali is the festival wherein Goddess Laxmi is worshipped. So it symbolises the aspect of wealth and prosperity, thus an appropriate gift for Diwali, mostly as gift packs or gift hampers.

Sweets on the other hand are an evergreen favourite. They are a part of any and every festival the year round. Although the type of sweets changes with every season. Sweet signifies all that is good, positive and full of life. From children to grandparents, everyone enjoys sweets.

Personalised Red Diwali Chocolates Box

They are also a primary offering for the Gods at the puja ceremonies and are considered prasad or blessed food items and hence have been traditionally a part of all festivities. From laddoos, barfis and gulab jamuns to rasmalai, kheer and halwa, the variety is enormous to suit everyone’s taste. And as the festivals incorporate the modern world, chocolates have also fast become an acceptable Diwali gift apart from the traditional gifts.

It is hard to imagine any festival without the presence of these two items. Diwali would be incomplete without friends and family exchanging gifts without some dry fruits or mithai on the side. Be it a gift hamper, or just a plate full of the goodies with the tea, the celebrations are incomplete without them.

Diwali Gifts For Family & Friends

It’s time to light up the house and enjoy the festivities of Diwali. A time to rejoice and celebrate with new clothes, delicious food and gifts for the family and for dear friends.

A simple gift idea is this set of 50 white long burning tealights packed in a smart gift box are ideal for gifting or use at home this festive season. 

Tealight Candles 50 Pieces Gift Set

This classic Ganesha thali made of stainless steel, combined with the Ganesha diya is a traditional gift for parents or a gift for grandparents. It can also be a great gift for the home for newly weds or people moving into a new house.

Classic Ganesha Thali
Ganesha Diya

The Pyramid Conch shaped shell votive holder is a unique gift that brilliantly lights up your spaces. Keep it in a corner and let the lights take over your room.  A home gift or decoration item for Diwali lighting.

Pyramid Conch Votive Holder

Another perfect gift idea for Diwali is a deck of playing cards, all the more festive if they are golden and sparkly. One can also make this a personalised gift with the name of recipient on top of the cover. Another game widely played on Diwali is poker, gift this poker set for a fun game with friends.

Personalised Gold Playing Cards Deck
Poker Chips Box

Diwali is incomplete without the traditional serving of dry fruits. This Diwali Gift Hamper Set has cashews and almonds along with a Diwali mug that makes a wholesome gift for everyone.

Diwali Dry Fruits Gift Set

This Diwali we all need to stay extra safe and make up for the distances created by current situations. So make everyone happy, don’t let them miss you, stay connected with gifts and calls and send love in whichever way you can.

Children’s Day Gift Ideas

In India, Children’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of November. This day is meant to increase awareness of children’s rights and their welfare as well as to celebrate the innocence and joy of childhood. This is a day to treat all children with extra kindness and love, and to shower them with wonderful gifts that will make them smile.

Animal Kingdom Calendar
A cute gift for kids to decorate their room with colourful prints.

Animal Kingdom Calendar

Animal Toys
This dinosaur optical; illusion kit is a cool gift for dino fans. And the chicken keychain is a fun gift for young children.

Dinosaur Optical Illusion Kit
Egg Laying Chicken Keychain

Mini Dart Board Set
A fun birthday gift or just to play with friends, this dart board set is a great gift idea for older children.

Mini Dart Board Set

Personalised Door Hangars
The perfect gift for teens who guard their privacy fiercely. Get them these door hangars with their name on it.

Personalised Door Hanger
Kids Name Door Hanger

Super Kids School Bag Tag
Smart tags for kids’ school bags to make them stand out in the crowd.

Super Kids School Bag Tag

Personalised Video Game
Get your little one to be the hero of this action packed game. A brilliant personalised gift idea that your child will absolutely love.

Personalized Video Game - Savior Of Jaisalmer

All the boys and girls deserve to be treated special on this day with lots of fun and cool Children’s Day gifts, parties and celebrations. Make it a unique and memorable experience for them with all your love and attention.

Karvachauth Gifts For Wives

This is a special day for Indian couples where the wife keeps a fast for her husband’s long life. A highly celebrated festival, over time it has become a festival that the husband also celebrates along with his wife. So while your wife does her part of fasting for the husband, the husbands can also do something special like get Karvachauth gift for wives as they break their fast at the end of the day.

A romantic gift mug is a loving gift for her on Karvachauth. made form high quality ceramic, it has these beautiful words written on it ”Life Is Beautiful Because of You”.

Life Is Beautiful Because Of You Mug

Express all your true emotions on this special day with this Message In A Bottle, a unique gift to mark the occasion.

Message In A Bottle

An elegant gift for Karvachauth is this exquisitely designed set of hair brush and mirror with her name engraved on it. Personalised gifts always carry that extra special touch when it comes to gifting.

Engraved Wooden Hand Mirror
Engraved Wooden Oval Brush

The pendant that says ”I Love You Hamesha”, a jewelry gift for her that she will cherish forever. Made of shining sterling silver, this fashion accessory has more meaning to it that will be close to her heart.

Love You Hamesha Silver Pendant & Chain

A personalised photo frame in the shape of a heart, with pink floating hearts is a romantic gift idea for your wife. It doubles up as a home decor gift with your most loved photo in it.

Floating Hearts Personalised Glass Frame

A classic gift item is this jewelry set of a pearl necklace with earrings. Exquisite jewelry never goes out of fashion and is an evergreen gift for her.

Chic Grey Pearls Necklace And Earrings Set

Being a festive occasion, one can give traditional gifts or combine the essence of the festival with gifting something she would really appreciate and love. Whatever the gift, it is always the thought that counts.

Gifts For Movie Lovers

For a true movie buff the mania does not end with the movie. The story continues through discussions, reviews and of course watching it yet again. So what better as a gift for such people than movie memorabilia. Bollywood is the quintessential temple of Indian movie goers and gifting movie related items to these fans is possibly the closest you can get to the perfect gift.

A classic gift for fans of yesteryear movies are these beautiful posters based on blockbuster hits from a long time ago. These would be a wonderful gift for grandparents or those who are fans of the classics.

Mera Naam Joker Movie Poster
Mughal E Azam Movie Poster

A really funny gift idea is this cool mug that has dialogues from various movies on them. From AB to SRK and everyone in between, these dialogues will have you reminiscing. This could be a birthday gift for parents or a gift for friends who remember all the dialogues from the movies they watch.

Filmi Mug

Here’s a special gift idea for the Bachchan fans, posters from his hit movies Don and Sholay. They are a great gift for the home, to adorn the walls of Amitabh worshipers.

Don Movie Poster
Sholay Movie Poster

Get some the party going with this Filmi Quest card game. There’s something for everyone in this. From questions on old films to the brand new ones, it’s a cool gift for the family to play on weekends as well.

Filmi Quest Bollywood Party Game

These unique gifts work for any occasion, birthday, anniversary, home decor, as Bollywood is the favourite of all genders and all generations. So make someone’s day with these unique bollywood gifts and see them smile.

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro Movie Poster

Unique Diwali Gift Ideas

Hand out some interesting and unique gifts for Diwali this festive season. These gifts are a combination of everygreen Diwali themes and a modern twist to them.

Diwali Diyas Personalised Chocolate Box

Diwali Diyas Personalised Chocolates Box

This compact box with delicious chocolates is personalised with your own message. A sweet gift idea for the festive occasion of Diwali. 

Laxmi Ganesha Magnet Sets

Cute Laxmi Ganesha Magnets Set

This cute set of two magnets makes an ideal gift on festivals and special occasions.  It’s a lovely addition to your home accessories with a traditional touch.

Diwali Personalised Chocolate bar

Diwali Personalised Chocolate

Put your name and personalised message on this chocolate wrapper for a personalised gift for friends and family.

Laxmi Ganesha Snow Globes

Snow Globe With Laxmi Ganesha
Snow Globe With Laxmi Ganesha

This charming mini snow globe has goddess Laxmi and Ganesha printed on its two opposite sides. These images can also be replaced later for use as a photo-frame.  A home gift as well as a traditional gift for Diwali.

Personalised Red Diwali Chocolate Box

Personalised Red Diwali Chocolates Box
Personalised Red Diwali Chocolates Box

A box full of delicious chocolates with your name and warm wishes on top of it. The perfect gift that takes care of the sweets that are an essential part of the festivities.

Diwali Candles Set

Laxmi Ganesha Cute Candles Set

This cute set of candles has the Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha adorning the glass walls of the fragrant candle in bright colors. Light up your house with this gift set for Diwali!

Cool Gift Ideas For Children

Usually figuring out gifts for children is not too difficult. Birthday gifting being the easiest, the kids themselves are pretty clear about what they want at times and will let you know. But when it comes to occasions like Diwali, things get a bit harder. Although they are delighted to receive their new traditional kurtas and lehengas, gifts for kids need to be something they really want.

The 3D Soft Doll is a cool gift idea for younger kids. Make a wonderful miniature doll that has his or her face molded on it in 3D!

3D Soft Doll

This cute superhero keychain has flashing lights and sounds coming out of it at the push of a button. This unique gift is for Batman fans of all ages.

Batman LED Keychain
Batman LED Keychain

Board games and card games are always fun not just for kids but also for the whole family. With the holidays on during festival time, this is a great way to bond over a game.

Jungle Quest Kids Cards Game

Cool mugs with the kids’ favourite cartoon character or the evergreen dinosaurs are also a great Diawli gift idea. Mugs are also a very useful gift that last forever.

Tea Rex Teacup
Peppa Pig Family Mug

A personalised notebook is also a lovely way to encourage the children to do some writing. And they will love owning one that is personalised for them.

Personalised Notebook

This penguin backpack is a cute gift for little kids who have just started school. They will love seeing their glittering name on it, a wonderful personalised gift idea.

Personalised Penguin Backpack For Kids

So mix it up for Diwali gifts this year, the kurta, the laddoos and maybe a Harry Potter mug on the side. Or the bangles and barfis with a personalised bag with your kids pic on it. Fusion gifts always work.