Why Chocolates Make The Best Gift Ever

Be it birthdays, anniversaries or even if you just want to apologise, the things that always come in handy is a box of chocolates. Name the occasion or even without occasion, gifting chocolates never goes wrong.

Chocolates are a symbol for many things, ranging from passion and love to caring and friendship. Nothing beats wooing your sweetheart with some exotic chocolates, even better if they are shaped like hearts. And who hasn’t seen kids going crazy over a bunch of chocolate bars as gifts on their birthdays.

Be My Valentine Chocolate
Sorry Personalised Chocolate
Thank You Personalised Chocolate

Chocolates date back to the time of the Aztecs and have always been a valuable commodity. Cocoa beans may have started out a mode of payment in those days but pretty soon the other value of chocolates was realised. Although the form that chocolates are more famous in now may not have the same value as cocoa beans did back then, their value as an emotional gift is far greater.

Best Sister Personalised Chocolate Box

As with other gift items over the years, chocolates have also sprung innumerable varieties. White, dark, liquor and various flavoured chocolates are available in the market now. Even the packaging matches the assortment and you can get customised gifts of chocolates for anyone. Romantic gift chocolates for partners on anniversaries, weddings and Valentines Day. Fun personalised chocolates as gifts for kids on birthdays. They are also beginning to gain popularity as sweet gifts on festivals now.

Rakhi Chocolates Box
Diwali Diyas Personalised Chocolates Box

Chocolates make for easy gifts that are simple to get your hands on. They are also affordable gifts making it easy on everyone’s pockets. Then there are the exotic chocolates that work as unique and posh gifts as well. Chocolates, chocolate boxes or chocolate hampers, one can form the gift of their choice out of them for any special occasion.

Chocolate Bouquet Set Of Fifty

Chocolates can be the sole gift, depending on the number or quantity or as an accompaniment to another gift item, but it’s chocolates that make any event complete in every way.

The Best Gifts for Your Daughter

In all Indian homes daughters are considered a blessing. Having a little girl around the house is a delight and as she grows so does the happiness that she spreads. Those who have experienced this blessing will know that every moment spent with their daughter is one to be cherished forever.

So celebrate this Daughter’s Day and express your love with these beautiful and unique gift ideas for her.

Tell your daughter how amazing she is with this personalised mug that proclaims her the Queen of Awesomeness with her picture on it.

For the Wondergirl in your house, this personalised t shirt with her name on it makes the perfect gift for your girl.

Silver Name Pendant
Personalised Name Pendant

This beautiful neck piece with your diva’s name is a lovely name gift. The cute little butterfly on the side adds a touch of class to this lovely pendant.

This poster with the year of birth of your daughter makes for a memorable gift, one that will stay on her walls even when she moves to college.

The day will come when you set your sweet angel free into the world. She will travel around and find her own wings. Give her this bright passport cover gift with her name on it as a memory that stays with her forever.

Daughters Day is celebrated to highlight and appreciate the importance of women in our lives at all stages. So make this special day exciting for her with unique gifts and different ways to celebrate. Spend time together, have lots of fun and shower her with all your love!

Gift Vouchers Help Save The Day

Ever woken up one morning and realised its your anniversary? Don’t give yourself brownie points for that unless you have bought your gifts and planned your day. Just remembering birthdays, anniversaries and special days doesn’t quite cover it, you need to be prepared for the whole nine yards.

But that’s not possible all the time. Life is busy, there are so many things on our to do list and sometime we just plain forget, we are all humans after all. And that’s when Gift Vouchers save the day for us.

Gift Voucher 3000

Although the act of gifting a proper present has its own value, for both the giver and receiver, sometimes gift cads and gift vouchers can actually turn out to be a better gifting option. Here are some advantages of gift coupons:

– It takes away the painful task of trying to figure out what the other person wants and not getting something totally wrong for them

– The recipient gets to pick something of their choice

– They are a boon for those who do last minute shopping

– The validity period of the vouchers gives flexibility to shop at any time

– They can be bought online thus makes it easier for the gifter

– They add an element of fun wherein both parties can go shopping together for the gift

Shopping Break

For some people gift vouchers may seem impersonal or without that thoughtful touch but it’s quite the opposite. The practicality of gifting them to friends and family shows that you truly want the best possible gift for them. And at the end of the day, it always is the thought that counts!

Personalised Gift Ideas for Girls

Is it your best friend’s wedding or your first anniversary? Is Mother’s Day round the corner or did your sister just graduate?

Sometimes the issue with gifting things to the most important women in your life is not a dearth of options but quite the opposite. It may not be the same for men, but for women it certainly is. There are so many gifting options available to us in stores or online that it makes it hard for us to decide what to get for the girls.

But there are always some things that never go wrong. Some of those are personalised gifts that lend a thoughtful touch to the gifts. Take a look at some off beat personalised gift options for girls:

A beautiful wooden hairbrush with her name on it, a must have on her dresser. It is especially handy knowing no girl wants to share her hairbrush with anyone.

This one is for the girl with a sense of humour. Make your friend, sister or mother laugh at this cute photo cushion with their pic on it. Do make sure it’s one of their good looking ones!

This sweet compact mirror personalised with a name is something she will make sure she carries around in her bag everywhere she goes. It may not be big but the personal touch and usefulness puts it right up there in appreciation.

For the kitchen queens this chef hat is a great gift. With her name on it she can proclaim the territory she rules. And maybe cook you something delicious in return!

This beautifully carved box is a wonderful gift for any girl and for any occasion. With her name carved exquisitely on the top, it can be used for anything from jewelry to other knick knacks at office or home.

If you ever get stuck again on what to gift to the females in your family, rest assured, a personalised gift is a sure shot hit. Be it a name gift or photo gift, its bound to make their day!

The World and Traditions of Gifting

Birthdays, festivals, weddings or any joyous occasion, what they all have in common is the ritual of giving gifts. Any celebration feels incomplete without the presence of gifts. The value, size or worth of the gift is inconsequential in front of the emotion that drives the act of giving it.

Colored Diya Set Of Four

We can trace back certain festivals and occasions to when they began and how, but how many of us know when the tradition of giving gifts actually began, who started it and why. There is no way to pin down a date for this one but it is obvious that gifting is as primitive as humans themselves.

The fact that humans are extremely social beings with a desire to enhance relationships would have contributed to the gifting idea. We value relationships and have an inherent need to express our love, affection and appreciation. And being the most creative of all living things, humans were able to come up with the idea of creating objects that would help express their feelings apart from words and gestures.

Gifts have been discovered from the time of the cavemen. What may seem like simple gifts to us in this day and age were actually works of brilliant craftsmanship for that era. Things like necklaces made from the teeth of wild animals, intricately carved stones or wooden ornaments and artefacts were what were probably exchanged in those times.

Ethnic Feather Necklace

As humans advanced in their knowledge so did the implementation of this knowledge, not just in terms of general development but also in social activities like gifting. By the days of the Egyptians many more materials had been discovered and gifts became more exquisite. Golden jewelry, carved statues, jewelled pottery and more were found as gift items. By the time of the Greeks with more defined relationships and hierarchies in place, gifting had become more specific. Gifts for mothers, gifts for friends or gifting the royalty, all had a different touch to them.

In the middle ages giving gifts went a level higher. Many more occasions had been included in most traditions and cultures. Also a lot of mixing of cultures had happened as the world opened up due to travel. This resulted in the types of gifts becoming more and more wondrous and unique. And by the time the modern era had begun, gifting had become a big time marketing tool. From the most common occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and wedding every little milestone is life was being celebrated.

Anniversary Chocolate Box

The way gifts were considered also went through a tremendous change. Equal emphasis was laid on useful gifts alongside the exorbitant feel good ones. Not only was gifting a means of expression, at times it was also used as a way to assist people on new ventures of life, like starting a new life together, birth of a child or moving into a new house.

Gifting is a tradition that has been on this planet since humans themselves. While there may be various cultures, societies and countries what binds it all together is the idea behind the action. It is purely about good wishes, love and the desire to build relationships.

Grandparents Day: A Time to Express Love and Respect

Every day of the year seems to be dedicated to some occasion, person or event. From Rose Day to Friendship Day to even a Slurpee Day. But none of this takes away the importance and relevance of one of the most important days that truly need a celebration, Grandparents Day.

The day marks an acknowledgement of what the contribution of the older generation to the lives of children, youth and young adults. Saluting their experience and guidance and a lifetime commitment to family.

Chocolate Bouquet of Twenty Four

And of all bonds that exist, the one between a grandparent and grandchild is extremely special. Just a simple phone call to tell them you love them is the easiest thing to do on Grandparents Day. They cherish nothing more than getting to spend time with their grandchildren, so take time out and spend the day with them. You could even go a step further and make a picnic out of it or organise a day out to their favourite haunt.

In some countries this day is a national holiday giving people a chance to truly indulge. While some countries believe that every day should be dedicated to the elderly. But no matter what the date or way to celebrate, the importance of Grandparents day is recognised all over the world.

Some people shy away from celebrating such things, assuming them to be marketing gimmicks. But Grandparents Day goes way beyond that. It is a time to connect multiple generations and make family bonds stronger.

It’s Time to Pamper Your Grandparents

One of the sweetest memories of childhood is our grandparents. While we fought with, got scolded by and constantly argued with our parents, it’s with the Grandma and Grandpa that we got to be in our happy place. From gifts, to treats to sharing secrets with, they have always been there.

Not just when we were young children but also well into our teens and youth, they have always been there for us no matter what. They pampered us all their lives and now it’s our turn. let’s give our grandparents the special treatment they truly deserve.

But of course, it can be pretty tricky to figure out what to gift to your grandparents. Instead of looking at the usefulness of a gift, it would be wonderful to focus on the emotional gifts.

Make them laugh and cry with joy with these cushion sets that have words like ‘Dada-Dai’, ‘Nana-Nani or ‘We Love You’.

Dada Dadi Cushions Set
Nana Nani Cushions Set
Nostalgia Circlet Personalised Rotating Lamp
Nostalgia Mini Personalised Rotating Lamp

Or take them down memory lane with these beautiful personalised rotating lamps.

Another sweet gift idea for your Grand Mom and Grand Dad is this cute clock that proclaims them to be the best grandparents in the world.

Whatever you choose as a gift for your beloved grandparents, you know that what really matters to them is the thought behind it, the fact that you care and want them to know that you love them!

Unique Gift Mugs For Teachers

On Teachers Day one would wish to make their teachers feel special by giving them memorable gifts, to make their day special. It is hard enough to think of gifts for our friends and family, people we know intimately. When it comes to teachers, despite meeting them day in and day out in school or college, there is not much we might know about them. This makes it hard to think of the right gift for them.

A great gift is not always one that is useful or expensive. As the popular saying goes, it is the thought at counts. These lovely personalised mugs are a great gift idea for teachers.

Worlds Best Teacher Mug
Best Teacher Mug

The teachers’ name on the mugs makes them extra special.

Teachers Thank You Personalised Mug
Mug with Teacher’s Name

Or one with a touching message on it.

Dear Teacher Mug
Special Message Mug

Another one that is a bit more fun, the magic mug that reveals the name on it as you fill it with a hot beverage.

Personalised Name Magic Mug
The Magic Mug

Take your pick and gift a mug to your favourite teacher and watch them place it on their desk with pride and joy!

The Many Wonderful Teachers in Our Lives

One thing we are always doing in life constantly is ‘learning’. We get these nuggets of knowledge and information from many quarters of life and many teachers as well.

Our teachers vary at every stage in life. While the word ‘teacher’ is associated with those at school and college, we have many more teachers who show us the way in life outside of school. Parents, grandparents and siblings are an important influence in our lives. Our families could have many such teachers. Another important teacher many of us fail to recognise are our best and close friends. There is much that we learn from these important relationships.

Sometimes children act as teachers to their parents as well. There is no age bar to who can teach whom. Bosses, employees, co-workers, one could find a teacher in any walk of life and at any point in life.

While we focus on commemorating our teachers from school and college on Teachers Day, it would be worth a thought to consider all those people who have taught us something along the way and appreciate them on this special day too.