Unique Personalised Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the home and deserves equal focus. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen cooking and eating. This is where the family spends time talking, sharing and bonding and friends gather to have fun together.

Best Cook Framed Memento

The kitchen does not need to be a drab place where only food is cooked. The atmosphere can be made to be more fun and relaxing. One way to do this is to fill up this special space with fun accessories that are not just entertaining but useful as well.

One of the most common things used in a kitchen would be the apron. Move on from flower patterned cutsie aprons to these personalised aprons that name you the master/mistress of the kitchen.

Handsome Chef Name Apron
Personalised Waterproof Apron

Give a make over to the drab old roller pin and chopping board by putting your name on them. The goodies might just turn out yummier!

Personalised Chopping Board
Personalised Rolling Pin

Have a laugh with this cute chef hat that can be personalised with the name of the masterchef in your house. Match it with a personalised kitchen glove as well to seal who is boss in there. And watch your breakfast being served with an extra smile.

Chef Hat With Name
Personalised Oven Glove

We all know how chaotic dinner time can be with family. With the kids, parents and grandparents all sitting together with different agendas. This funny but sensible fridge magnet with dinner rules laid out on it will help set the mood for some quality family time.

Dinner Rules Fridge Magnet

Last but not least, there is no doubt that nothing matches Mom’s cooking. So make that the theme of your kitchen with these cute items, a kitchen plaque and a personalised apron. This will not only establish the supremacy of your Mom’s cooking but also make her day in the process.

Mummy Da Dhaba Apron
Mummys Dhaba Wooden Plaque

These fun kitchen items can be great birthday gifts, mothers day gifts, for anniversaries or just to make that special person feel happy!

4 Awesome Card & Board Games for Adult Fun

Be it for a party or the bedroom, everyone would love to spice things up a bit. Check out the following card games that will notch up the element of fun, either with your partner or with friends.

  1. Truth Or Dare Card Set:
    A classic card game that will result in a funny, embarrassing and hilarious time for everyone.
Truth Or Dare 100 Truth Cards Set

2. Box of Kinky:
50 sex coupons to light that spark to ignite your passion, a great wedding gift or anniversary gift.

Box Of Kinky

3. Friends Exposed Party Game:
Make your friends uncomfortable and have a laugh together with this set of 200 questions that guarantee a super hit party.

Friends Exposed Party Game
Friends Exposed Party Game

4. ”4Play” – The Game Before The Game:
Get naughty with your partner and set the perfect mood for the night with this erotic board game strictly for adults.

4Play - The Game Before The Game

If you are too shy to buy these naughty games at a store you always have the option of buying them online. For birthdays, parties, anniversaries or just for a fun romp in the bedroom, these amusing and entertaining card and board games are definitely worth a try.

Special Treats for Bollywood Fans

What is the most cherished and favourite pass time of the Indian masses? The one and only – Bollywood! One cannot name a single person who doesn’t have a favourite movie or actor that hasn’t touched their hearts and whose memories they cherish forever.

Bollywood gifts are the perfect presents for the die hard Bollywood fans. Be it gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, friends, spouses, any occasion or any person, there is a Bollywood based gift that can be gifted. Check out some of the options available for such gifts online and in stores.

Bachchan Superhit Poster Set: As the name suggests, for the Big B fan club, posters from his best movies ever.

Bachchan Superhit Posters Set

Bollywood Notebook & Filmi Bottle: Must haves in your bag, wherever you go!

Classic Filmi Bottle
Bollywood Notebook

”Mere Paas Ma Hai” Mug & Chocolate: The perfect gifts for your dramatic Mom on Mother’s Day or just to make her laugh!

Mere Paas Maa Hai Chocolate
Mere Paas Maa Hai Mug

Bollywood Classics Mug & Coasters: The best gift for friends who love the Hindi classics of yesteryear.

Bollywood Classics Mug
Bollywood Coasters Set Of Four

Bollywood Tour: The ultimate gift for the greatest Bollywood fan is this tour of Bollywood that shows you the ropes, sets, shootings and more. Immerse yourself in the Bollywood dream and give yourself this amazing gift experience!

Bollywood Tour

Superhero Gifts For Halloween

While most festivals and occasions are celebrated with joy and glorious festivities, there is one that stands out for giving out a dark and morbid vibe. Halloween is a rather different kind of celebration that is said to have it’s roots in pagan beliefs and also a Celtic background.

Mini Crystal Head Decanter

While ghosts and ghouls are the mainstay of Halloween, revolving around death and destruction. But where there is darkness, could the light of life saving heroes be far behind! As costumes became a big part of the Halloween tradition, children were found going trick o treating in elaborate ghost, vampire or witch costumes. But these were soon over taken by the huge gambit of superhero costumes.

And thus Halloween came to include merchandise and symbols associated with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. From costumes to mugs to decorations, you now find a wide range of of superheroes.

Always Be Yourself Mug
Great Power Superhero Mug
Superheroes Mug

Although the main attraction of Halloween has always been the candies and goodies that kids get from door to door knocking, even Halloween gifts are getting popular by the day. Both scary and superhero gifts for kids are increasingly available online and at gift stores. Things like mugs, accessories, bags, posters etc are the kind of merchandise available.

Captain America Retro Pocket Watch
Bat Man Retro Pocket Watch
Super Man Vintage Pocket Watch

The house could be decorated all over with different superhero items but one things will never change for sure, the scary carved pumpkins lit up menacingly at the doors and windows!

Light Up on Diwali with Out of the Box Ideas

Diwali is a celebration that revolves around lights. From tiny colorful strands adorning our balconies to the traditional diyas that line up our walls. They all collectively light up the festive night.

Some different ways to decorate the house yet retain the spirit of Diwali are these lighting ideas that are out of the box.

Made from wrought iron, this beautiful bottle candelabra not only lights up your home but is also a great way to reuse empty bottles. Make it a green Diwali all the way.

Bottle Candelabra

This exquisite wall light set of nine tea lights gives a fusion look to the walls by combining the diya look with an arty décor feel.

Exquisite Wall Lights Set

A simple votive holder in the shape of a conch is a break away from the usual diyas. Perfect for those corners all around the house.

Pyramid Conch Votive Holder

This Buddha Lamp gives a soothing effect to the surroundings, with the Buddha etching exuding light and calm.

Buddha Tea Light Lamp

A cool gadget, the cork bottle light, fits into your wine and other bottles throwing a stylish array of light. The perfect addition to your Diwali parties.

Cork Bottle Light

These wonderful ways to light up your home also make for lovely Diwali gifts for friends and family. They are a great part of any home décor, on any ocassion.

10 Affordable & Personalised Birthday Gifts Ideas

What would a perfect birthday gift be like? One that the receiver loves, one that is uniquely personalised and one that suits the pocket of the one who is gifting it. Take a look at these cool birthday gift ideas that cover all three aspects of the perfect gift.

1. Teddy with Happy Birthday Message in a Bottle

Teddy With Happy Birthday Message Bottle

You can have your very own heart warming message put inside this cute little bottle with an even cuter Teddy to deliver it. A sweet little gift for children or even a romantic gift for your partner.

2. The Year You Were Born poster

The Year You Were Born Poster

This is a unique poster gift that carries the year of birth and information related to that year, like celebrities born or important inventions. It is a great birthday gift to mark the special year.

3. Awesome Age Mug

Awesome Age Mug

Nothing hits you on a birthday like your age! Put the magic number on a mug and gift to friends. This age mug is a great gift idea for special birthday numbers like 13, 18, 30 and 50!

4. Personalised Birthday Candle

Birthday Personalised Candle

Take the age greeting a bit further and make the birthday wish more personalised with this candle gift that carries both the age and name. A great personalised gift for anyone of any age.

5. Photo Chocolate with your Message and Pic

Blue Personalised Photo Chocolate

The best gift for those who have a sweet tooth, made extra special with a lovely photo and personalised caption on the cover.

6. Glowing Name Personalised Pen

Glowing Name Personalised Pen

A cool gift for school and college kids or anyone who loves writing. This smooth pen has can be personalised with their name that glows on pressing the button on it. A fun gift for birthdays.

7. Happy Pink Flowers Magnet

Happy Pink Flowers Magnet

A gift for the home and for the special person whose birthday it is, this cute magnet looks extra adorable with your favourite picture on it. A great memento for birthdays.

8. Personalised Metal Wallet Card

Personalised Metal Wallet Card

This high quality metallic photo card is a cool insert for your wallet. It makes for a wonderful keepsake.

9. Luggage tag

Personalised Tag

Get this super cool luggage accessory as a birthday gift for friends or family. With their pic on it, it can be used on school bags, purses and even travel bags. A personalised gift that will set your aprt in your travels.

10. Personalised Mirror Card

You Are The Reason Mirror Card

A touching and unique gift that anybody would love. This amazing greeting card has a mirror on the front that reflects the recipient’s face. With your very own message in addition, this wonderful gift will make everyone smile.

Great gifts at great prices that are sure to make the recipient’s happy, a sure fire hit for any birthday!

Pamper Yourself This Diwali Break

Crackers, sweets, decorations, diyas and lights, Diwali is the festival full of life, energy and joy. We all get caught up in the celebrations and put in extra effort to make it the perfect Diwali. Running around shopping for décor for the house, gifts for the family and organising the puja. The Diwali break goes by in a flash when we get busy with all this.

Although the whole running around is part of the fun, at times we come out of the holidays feeling like we may have exhausted ourselves with all the celebrating and need a few more days to unwind and recover. So this Diwali a great idea would be to set aside a little bit of time to pamper yourself. Do something special to relax after the festive season.

Possibly the best way to do this, is to indulge yourself with a spa or massage. A visit to the spa is a great stress reliever. The many benefits one gets from a massage include removing toxins from the body, improving blood circulation and improving sleep quality.

Abhyangam Experience

There are many types of massages to suit anyone’s needs. Some Ayurvedic massages like Abhyangam and Sirodhara involve the use of oils that help relive tension in the muscles, rejuvenate the body and enhance glowing skin. This could well be a Diwali gift for husbands or a special gift for wives after a week of hectic Diwali activities.

Couple Aroma Jacuzzi Spa
Couple Aroma Jacuzzi Spa

Another great idea for this Diwali is the couple spa gift. What could be better than to spend a day with your partner, relaxing and bonding in plush surroundings and being pampered together. Couple spas and couple massages are also a great gift for wedding and anniversaries.

Some massages with an international touch are also very popular, like the Balinese massage, Amma massage and the Hawaiin Lomi Lomi massage. Whereas there are some unique ones that may sound rather odd but give equally amazing results as the traditional massages. Like foot reflexology, Body Electric massage, Cactus massage or the Watsu which combines the massage with Shiatsu.

Foot Reflexology For Couple

The best part is that its extremely easy to book yourself for any of these massage options. You can buy gift vouchers online, book the slot that suits you and step into bliss on the day of your choice. So take some time out this Diwali for yourself or give your friends and family this unique Diwali gift of a day of relaxation.

Ultimate Indulgence Spa Experience

Dusshera Celebrations Bring Communities Closer

Dusshera is significant in many different ways to many different communities but ultimately it is about the victory of good over evil.

Navratri celebrations in Gujarat happen with the famous Dandiya dances. The Durga Pooja pandals and idol immersion in Bengal is the focus for the nine days. The Mysore Dassara procession is watched by thousands with utmost pomp and show. Another unique celebration is the Lord Raghunath procession in Kullu. And the common element is the burning of effigies of Ravan across the country. This is a time of religious revelry in different parts of the country in many different ways yet the reason for celebration is the same.

Multicolored Diya Set Of Four

Dusshera is also known as Vijaydashmi, signifying the victory of Lord ram over Ravana. Ram Leela is a major part of this festival wherein the whole Ramayan is depicted theatrically. People of all levels of society get together to watch this age old story every year. It is much loved and enjoyed by youngsters and adults alike, the story being an integral part of the social and cultural fabric of India.

Multicolored Diya Set Of Three

At an individual level, people celebrate by doing fasting for nine days. Many pujas are performed during this time at home. People also organise community prayer sessions in their houses for friends and neighbours. The houses are decorated with new and beautiful things and gifts are exchanged with friends and family. Another prevalent ritual is the act of charity to the poor and underprivileged or at temples.

Red Diya Set Of Six

Dusshera is a very important festival in India and is celebrated with much piety and devoutness. As with all other religious celebrations the focus is on peace and harmony with joyful celebrations, bringing different communities closer.

Five Unique Gifts for Men

When it comes to birthday gifts, anniversary gifts or any occasion for celebration, men are not far behind women in their desire for that awesome gift that makes them feel special.

Although clothes, perfumes and shoes are a popular choice as gifts for men, there are many more items that a re available out there which can also be looked at for their uniqueness.

A motorized tie rack will help keep his cupboard neat and clutter free. A cool gadget gift your man will also appreciate for it’s sleekness.

Automated Tie Rack

Give your man his morning cuppa in this fun mug that’s shaped like a camera lens. it’s sure to perk him up for the rest of the day. This is an extra special gift for photography lovers.

Camera Lens Mug With Handle

This exquisite decanter shaped like a skull is a wonderful bar gift. Made of high quality glass it will take the spotlight in your guy’s bar accessories collection.

Crystal Head Medium Decanter

For the music lovers, this bluetooth waterproof speaker is the best music gift ever. Let him never be separated from his love of music, even in the shower.

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

And last but surely not least is this cool drinking Roulette game that would work as a great party gift as well. Increase the fun with this cool drinking game and see your man have a blast with his friends.

Drinking Roulette

Most of these amazing gifts are available online so one does not even have to travel far or spend too much time searching. They are all available at the click of a key. Stand out with your gift for boyfriends, Dads, husbands or any man in your life with these unique gift ideas.

Gifting for the Indian Festive Season

India is a country known for its myriad festivals. They are a time of joy, fun and celebration. Most festivals carry with them a history of the Indian culture with learnings from ancient mythology and also historical stories.

While events like birthdays and anniversaries are more modern, the gifts associated with them being modern as well, gifting on festivals is much more traditional. This is because there is a reason behind why these festivals are held, a part of the culture and hence a desire to uphold and keep it ongoing is felt. And this feeling is enhanced by gifting traditional items.

Diwali Glass Clock

Festivals are many, from the popular ones like Diwali and Holi to large scale celebrations for festivals like Dusshera, Durga Puja and Ganesh Chaturthi. Apart from these there are the regional festivals which are equally important, like Onam, Baisakhi and Gurupurab.

Classic Ganesha Thali
Red Diya Set Of Six

Memorable gifts for Diwali and Holi are available aplenty, both modern and traditional. Sweets, clothes, gadgets and jewelry are some gift items that people exchange. These can be more general in nature. For the other festivals the gifts can get more specific to the festivals themselves. Like diyas, statues of particular deities, food items that are made especially for that festival etc.

When traditional gifts are exchanged during these occasions, it brings people closer as a community. There is a bond that is created that connects everyone on the basis of a shared culture and history. Gifts for festivals create a sense of belonging.

Diwali Ravan Mug
Laxmi Goddess Candle

The style of gifting itself is also undergoing a change though. A lot of gifts are also a fusion of the old and the new, to keep pace with changing times. But in the end, the emotions evoked by a unique gift that is specific to the festival can never be matched by any other gift ideas.