Fun And Quirky Gift Ideas

When it comes to birthdays, anniversaries, house warming or any other occasion, we try our level best to get gifts that match the occasion. Many a times our focus is also on trying to get a useful gift, one that will be used by the recipient or cherished forever.

What does not strike many people is that sometimes the gift need not be a perfectly apt for the occasion or useful either. There are times when the objective can be to make someone laugh or feel good about themselves or just to make them smile. Some offbeat gift ideas can serve as great gifts even without being right for the occasion or being a useful item.

Get this colorful and cheerful wall hanging to brighten up the house and the people living in it. With just three words on it, good vibes only, it instantly infuses a feeling of positive energy all around.

Good Vibes Only - Wall Hanging
Band Aid Memo

Everyone needs memo pads, at home, in the office or at school. When these memo pads look like band aids, they are bound to lift your spirits apart from noting down your to dos. And we all need some lifting up during the course of the day, a band aid for our hearts.

Dachshund dog style magnets are a cute way to pin your pics or notes on the fridge or your magnetic board. Use it’s different body parts to stick things around. A truly unique and quirky gift for those who enjoy a good laugh.

Dachshund Dog Styled Magnets
Gym Canvas Clock

This witty gym clock is the perfect motivation to get you off the bed and straight into your workout. get some light hearted fun in the house to help you lift those heavy weights. A fun way to keep yourself mentally and physically fit and happy.

And last but not least is this fun and quirky (and actually useful) gift idea, the pocket cushion. When you don’t find anything anywhere… look here! This very useful cushion lies on your couch safely cradling your TV remotes, pens, snacks and other little objects in it’s two pockets. 

Pockets Cushion

The main point of a gift is to bring a smile to the face of you loved ones, so dont always focus on whats the right gift that will be of use or right for the occasion. Think about what will bring cheer, joy and humour and go for that once in a while.

New Year Gifts For a Great Year

Ring in the New Year with a great all night party and give cool New Year gifts to friends and family!

Check out these bright and colourful chocolates with wrappers that have names on them. A great hand out as return gifts on New Years to your guests.

Blue New Year Personalised Chocolate
New Year Personalised Chocolate

Get these cute and joyous calendars for your kids and family with their pictures and names on them. A great personalised gift for your loved ones for a joyous new year.

Personalised Wall Calendar
Funny Bunny Calendar

The evergreen personalised photo calendar is a great gift that will last forever.

Evergreen Personalised Photo Calendar

Get this cute Teddy Picture calendar to make your friends smile. It’s a sweet romantic gift for your partner to start the new year with love.

Teddy Picture Calendar

Christmas Gifts for Kids

The festival that gets children most excited is round the corner, yes it’s Christmas! The magical allure of that Christmas Eve exists in every child as they wait for Santa Claus to show up and fill their stocking with goodies. While the kids cant wait for the special night, the parents spend the weeks prior running around, trying to find that perfect gift for their child.

Here are some Christmas gift ideas for your little one:

  1. Country Quest Educational Card Game
Country Quest Kids Game Set

A wonderful game on history and geography trivia that is presented in a fun and engaging manner. This card game gift is sure to keep your kids busy for days.

2. Personalised Mugs

Kids Flying Train Personalised Magic Mug
Zoo Mug With Name

This personalised mug with your child’s name on it will make them feel special, having their very own mug for their drinks. The colorful patterns and prints might just make them finish their milk in one go!

3. Clock With Name

Zoo Personalised Clock

Your kid will love to wake up to this cute jungle theme clock with animals on it and also their name. A wonderful personalised gift for the young ones bedroom walls.

4. Personalised Story Books

Oh My Name Personalised Story Book
Personalised Book - Wondering Carpet

Your children will absolutely love this personalised story book that has them as the main character of the story. Seeing their name on all pages will give them the thrill and they will cherish it forever.

5. The Go Karting Experience

Go Kart Adventure

This one is for the slightly older ones. It wont matter to them whether Santa Claus exists or not, this thrilling and adventurous experience will make them love you for all the fun.

6. Superhero Sippers

Superhero Personalised Sipper Bottle
Superhero Personalised Sipper Bottle

Encourage your kids’ imaginations with these superhero sippers. These are great gifts for kids who love their superheroes and their names on the bottles make them extra cool Xmas gifts.

The fun of Christmas is all about decorations, delicious food, the Christmas tree and family dinners. But for the children the thing they look most forward to are the gifts that they get from Santa. So keep their dreams going till they grow up and enjoy pampering them with cool and amazing gifts till they are young.

Special Milestones for Wedding Anniversaries

While some people count the wedding day as one of the most important days of their lives, some believe anniversaries are the real thing. The couple are presented with beautiful wedding gifts on the wedding day and on anniversaries it’s the couple’s turn to present each other with romantic and meaningful gifts.

Personalised Love Heart Mug Set

Anniversary gifts take on a deeper meaning as years go by as they signify the importance of the years spent together by the couple and celebrate their lives so far. An important and interesting consideration that goes into choosing the perfect gift for your spouse or partner is the fact that different anniversary years are signified by different materials.

I Am Keeping You Wooden Keepsake

1st Anniversary: Paper
2nd Anniversary: Cotton
3rd Anniversary: Leather
4th Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers
5th Anniversary: Wood
7th Anniversary: Wool or Copper
10th Anniversary: Tin or Aluminium
14th Anniversary: Gold Jewelry
15th Anniversary: Crystal
20th Anniversary: China
25th Anniversary: Silver
30th Anniversary: Pearls
40th Anniversary: Ruby
50th Anniversary: Gold
60th Anniversary: Diamond

This yearly symbolism for different anniversary milestones makes the milestone extra special. So put in some extra thought into the romantic gift that you are planning this year. Try to make it connect with the material that is meant for that year and make it more meaningful.

Love Photo Mug

Erotic & Fun Honeymoon Gifts for Newly Weds

December is the month of weddings, friends, cousins, everyone is getting married! It might get hard to keep up with exciting and new gifting ideas. What’s even harder is something special for the honeymoon. If you are close to the person you can push your limits and think out of the box for some great naughty gift ideas.

These off beat and hot honeymoon gift ideas are also handy for the bride and groom to present to each other on their special night.

Ring For Sex Keychain

Mini Ring For Sex Keychain

This cute and naughty little bell is a neat keychain and comes in handy at the right times! A great idea for a sexy romantic gift.

Disco Diva Feather Bra

Disco Diva Feather Bra

Make a dramatic entrance by wearing it over your top or simply on its own – if you dare! Makes those intimate moments extra special with this hot gift idea.

Naughty Dice Sets

Kama Sutra Dice Set
Glow In The Dark Love Dice

Put a quirk into the special honeymoon night with these dice sets that will make you rock n roll. A great gift for newly weds.

Love And Passion Gift Box

Love And Passion Gift Box

This beautiful gift box contains romantic couple quotes, love tips, sex positions from the Kamasutra and much more – perfect gift for a couple or for your partner!

Naughty Affair Love Set

Naughty Affair Love Set

Spice up the kinkiness in the bedroom with this naughty set that contains a blind-fold, a feather stick and an adult activity dice.

Love Handcuffs

Love Handcuffs

Surprise and delight your partner with these faux fur covered handcuffs as the perfect gift to make that special night extra fun.

Christmas Celebrations and Gifting in India

India is a country of festivals. With people following so many religions and the diversity that is prevalent here, there are festivals and events being celebrated very frequently. In recent years Christmas has come up one of the major festivals in the country.

Christmas is now celebrated with much excitement and fanfare, just as Diiwali, Holi, Eid etc. And like the other festivals, it is not restricted to the people of a specific religion. Just as the country is truly secular in its observance of many religions, people of different faiths embrace celebrations of other faiths with equal love.

Christmas Nativity Theme Clock

While the Christians follow the main rituals like attending midnight mass at church, others focus more on the revelry and gifting. Community events are held, one can see Santa Claus handing out gifts to children at malls and schools. Parents strive to gift their family wonderful presents. Even NGOs organise Christmas events with a Santa Claus to hand out goodies to the underprivileged.

Christmas Mini Candles Set

Decorations are also a big part that are a huge hit with the Indians. Christmas trees in the living room, colorful stars hanging at the entrances and stocking lined up across the house, the greens and reds are visible all around. The food is another unmistakable celebration must. There was a time when cakes and bakery products were the only items associated with Christmas. But now the fare ranges from traditional sweets ‘newrio’ & ‘kidiyo’ to the more well known fruitcakes and cookies.

Cake Baking Experience

Goa would still possibly rate highest in terms of the most authentic Christmas celebrations but it is fast catching up across the country. People dressing up in Santa hats, exchanging gifts and indulging in family dinners, this is a celebration that resonates with every Indian.

Snow Globe Photo Frame

While the most essential part associated with Xmas might be missing, the magical pure white snow, the cheer, joy and happiness that people experience while celebrating more than makes up for it.

Tips on What to NOT Gift

When we have to buy a gift for our loved ones we always put in a lot of thought into it. We consider the occasion, is it a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation or any other milestone or event. Then we also keep in mind things like gender or age in order to choose the right gift. Other considerations could be the cost of the gift and the people’s individuals preferences.

Personalised Mouse Pad

But there is more that comes into play in the etiquette of gifting. While one focuses more on what can be gifted to friends and family, what tends to slip from the mind is that fact that there are certain gifts that should not be given to people. Considerations like culture and beliefs also play an important role in choosing the perfect gift.

Apparel and clothing being one the most gifted items for any occasion, gender or age, there are some tips for keeping away from certain items. Some people consider shoes as bad gifts while black items could be taken as bad luck. Gloves are perceived as harbingers of agitation and fights hence should not be given to friends or family. Handkerchiefs are also a symbol of sorrow to some people as something to wipe away your tears and so are better to stay from.

Lifestyle Shopping Pack

Then some gift based on superstitions are ones to think about before gifting to someone special. Sharp objects like knives and scissors are on the list of not so popular gifts. While others are country specific, like no even value cash gifts in India, no cat trinkets in Italy and no mirrors in China. Although the country specific ones could be totally opposite in another country.

Apart from superstition and culture based gifts that should not be given are the tricky ones that could hurt someone’s sentiments. Self help books and hygiene items are ones that need careful consideration before gifting to anyone Another tricky one is second hand items or passing on old gifts. You need to remmeber that if you did not like it in the first place will the other person.

Square Personalised Fridge Magnet

In the end what really matters is whether the person you are gifting to will like your gift and cherish it for the emotional value behind it. But even if you know the person very well it is better to play it safe and not offend them. Hence do your homework in all ways before you buy that perfect gift for that perfect someone.

Cool Gifts for Your Beer Loving Friends

We all have that beer lover in our friends circle whose life revolves around beer. So what better than some beer related gift to make them happy and also to have a laugh with friends.

Take a look at some cool beer gift ideas out there that are sure to be a hit.

1. Beer Lovers Coaster Set

Beer Lovers Coasters Set

2. Beer Tracker Opener and Beer Bottle Magnetic Opener

Beer Tracker Opener
Beer Bottle Magnetic Opener

3. Beer O Clock

Beer O Clock

4. Funny Beer Posters

Beer Is A Must Poster
Love You More Than Beer Poster

5. Super personalised Beer Mug

Super Personalised Beer Mug

6. Beer Bottle Earrings

Beer Bottle Earrings

The best part is that such gifts could well be given on birthdays, anniversaries or pretty much any occasion. And since it’s between friends, you don’t even need it to be an occasion, give it just to make them feel good.

Amazing Gifts For Your Best Friends

Friends are special and deserve to be treated that way. One can tease them or fight with them but in the end, it’s friends who we can all depend on, so let them know you care about them with these cool gift ideas.

True Friends Personalised Framed Print :

True Friends Personalised Framed Print

Make the awesome friends in your life feel special with this great looking personalised framed print that has your picture on it along with this caption.

Hundred Reasons We Are Friends:

Hundred Reasons We Are Friends

This cute box of more than hundred cards carry ‘reasons’ that will bring a huge smile on their faces .

FRIENDS’ Mug & Coaster:

Friends Personalised Magnet
Be There For You Mug

The classic American sitcom never goes out of fashion when it comes to friends!

Personalised Chocolate :

Friends Personalised Chocolate

A delicious chocolate with your personal message on the cover to make your friend’s day is a great way to celebrate your bond. And you don’t even need a reason for this one.

Friendship Mug:

Friendship Mug

This colorful mug with your photo in the center is a wonderful gift for an awesome friend! Keep your fondest memories forever!

Beer Framed Print

Great Friends Offer Beer Framed Print

The witty caption reads – Good friends offer advice, Great friends offer beer – is all you need to make your friends laugh .

Gift Wrapping and the Art of Gifting

She pulls the golden ribbon, tears away the bright pink wrapping paper with multicolored, tiny flowers printed all over it and finally reaches the box that holds her gift. A typical scene at a six year old’s birthday party! What stands out in this scene is that the excitement of the anticipation matches the joy of what comes out of the box itself.

Gold Rose

While getting the perfect gift for someone on any occasion may seem like the most inportant part of any celebration, what one cannot deny is the packaging that goes around it. The way the gift is wrapped holds almost the same spot as the gift itself.

Why do we wrap presents in the first place? It could be excitement that builds to the moment the wrapper comes off, the prolonged element of surprise or possibly the joy that the way it is wrapped gives as well. From fancy ribbons and bows to glittery wrapping papers with amazing prints. Even the boxes and bags that a gift can be placed in can fuse simplicity with elegance.

Engraved Personalised Rakhi

The range of decorations and options available for gift wrapping today are amazing. One can even have personalised boxes and paper with their names and pictures on them. Or prints to emphasise on special occasions like Christmas or New Years.

Best Sister Personalised Chocolate Box
Compact Photo Jewelery Box

Accessories are also in style these days, like having your message delivered alongside the gift is stylish or cute ways. Like a message in a bottle or a Teddy Bear; apart from balloons and flowers.

Chocolates And Teddy Box
I Love You Chocolates Box

It does not have to be an expensive activity, once can even use simple things at home to make the wrapping of the gift special.

Gift Voucher 1000

Half the fun of receiving gifts would go away if gifts weren’t wrapped. The curiosity that builds, the anticipation of lies beyond the wrapping, all of it is part of the fun of getting gifts. And at times, if done well, the wrapping enhances the value of the gift, no matter what it might be. So go ahead and give it your best shot and make your gift super special.