Valentine Gifts That Will Make Him Blush

The stunned look on his face on Valentine’s Day when he received my gifts was the best moment for me this year and one of the highlights. I always try and do something different every February 14th. This time, when I wondered what I could do that I have never done before, naughty and kinky gifts came to mind. I came across Exciting Lives that had some of the most fun, exciting, naughty and unusual gifts ever and discovered Valentine Gifts that will make him blush. And did he? You bet – as red as the tomatoes that I grow in my garden! Read on to find out what I got for my man.

Truth Or Dare – 100 Truth Cards Set

This compact set of one hundred Truth Cards will make your next gathering a burst of laughter and a fun-filled party! Cards are picked from the box in a sequence and everyone answers them honestly. The result is a funny, sometimes embarrassing and a great time for everyone!

I Fucking Love You Mug

Sometimes it’s hard to tell people how you really feel. That’s when you need to hand them the I Fucking Love You Mug. Let out your feelings with brutal honesty in this simple but direct piece of ceramic.

Kama Sutra Love Box

This sexy gift box contains everything you need to get many steamy sessions going with your partner! With sex positions, tips on love-making and trivia on the Kama Sutra, this makes the perfect gift for couples or for your loved one on Valentine’s Day or other occasions.

Kama Sutra Cushion

This hot cushion with prints of all the positions from the Kama Sutra book can come in handy on any day or night. With its bright red looks, it’s also an attractive addition to your couch.

Love Potion Body Pen

Use the Love Potion Body Pen’s delicious chocolate-flavoured edible ink, to make patterns or write romantic messages on your partner’s body and then lick it off! Great gift idea for couples on intimate occasions or just for a fun evening with your partner.

Sex Lighter

Crazy lighter with a couple making out gets lit when you push in the legs. Complete with moaning sounds, this saucy gadget is a fun gift! Note that due to shipping security, the lighter is not shipped with fuel and needs to be filled like any normal butane lighter.

Personalised Underwear For Him

Fashionable personalised men’s underwear with your own message printed on it. This unique naughty gift for your partner is guaranteed to surprise him on a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or just for fun!

For Valentine Gifts that will make him blush, shop at Exciting Lives.  Do read the sections given below for more ideas.

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