Incredible Surprise Birthday Gifts For Your Friends

It is true that you are born with a certain family, but you get to choose the friends that you want to have. They become your second family and sometimes the only family that you can possibly have! I just cannot do without my friends and I can’t even imagine life without them. I love to surprise and delight my friends with birthday gifts. Here is an amazing site called Exciting Lives that has a wide range of products to suit all kinds of budgets, occasions and delivery dates. Do check out incredible surprise birthday gifts for your friends here.

Best Friends Mug

This funny mug is for your closest friends! With a caption that reads ‘We Are Best Friends Because Everyone Else Sucks’ on fine ceramic makes a super gift idea for any occasion

Personalised Chocolate

Chocolates and Friends somehow go together! Gift this amazing chocolate which is personalised with a name and a special caption on its wrapper and make someone’s day! With a rich classy design, it’s a truly unique gift that is ideal for any special occasion.

True Friends Personalised Framed Print

Make the awesome friends in your life feel special with this great looking personalised framed print that has your picture on it along with the caption – True Friends Are Never Apart, Maybe In Distance, But Never In Heart.

Big Box Of Insults

Guaranteed to end your enemies, best friends and even siblings – this collection of a hundred insults from around the world is a witty gift and a useful weapon in your attack arsenal. Gift them on their special occasion or when you want to roast someone and send them into a spiral of lethal despair and incurable self-loathing!

Adventure Compass

This adventurer’s compass comes with an engraving of Robert Frost’s Poem – ‘The Road Not Taken’ and is a classic gift. The removable lid is a beautiful solid brass reproduction of an antique air-damped compass from the times of the explorers. Under the lid is engraved the popular poem from 1916 about making choices and taking the uncommon paths in life.

Magic Mug

It’s just a black mug until any hot liquid like tea or coffee is poured in – that’s when it shows off your favourite photos (see video)! Surprise your friends and family.

Friends’ Photo Clock

This clock for your friends carries a photo of your good times and a collection of ‘friendly’ quotes! Perfect for your closest friends on all occasions!

For unique, creative, crazy, fun and sentimental gifts for all occasions, visit Exciting Lives. Do read the sections given below for more ideas.

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