Mothers Day Traditions Around The World

Mother’s Day is a chance for all children to express their love and show how much they appreciate their mothers. An occasion that is celebrated worldwide, showering gifts on your mother, taking her out for a special dinner or simply taking time out to be with her are some of the things children try to do for their mothers.

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But there are some things that are specific to countries or cultures in the way these feelings and love are expressed. Mother’s Day traditions vary across the world and some of them are quite interesting!

In western countries like America and those in Europe giving flowers as gifts is an important part of the celebration. But there is also a large emphasis of gifting items like jewelry, cosmetics or other home gifts.

In India Mothers Day is celebrated in May rather than March. Being a family oriented culture, children prefer to get together as a family to celebrate over home cooked dinners. Mothers are granted the status of Gods and treated that way.

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Neighbouring countries like Nepal focus on fruits and sweets as gifts for mothers and the day is decided as per the lunar calendar date for a festival they consider extremely important. A dip in sacred ponds is also part of the festivities.

Australia and New Zealand are known to have an adventurous and active population and it reflects in their celebrations too. Experience gifting is popular here and activities are planned with moms on the special day.

In Japan carnations symbolise the love and strength of a mother and the most popular flowers presented on that day. While in Australia it’s chrysanthemums. In Brazil this day is celebrated with family and people go together to the church. The day ends with fun celebrations with food and drinks.

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Despite the fact that the way this special day is celebrated, the basic emotion of love and respect for your mother is the same. In this age of globalisation and cross cultural boundaries being broken, one could incorporate traditions from other countries and cultures and make Mother’s Day stand apart.

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