Minimal And Positive Home Decor

How one decorates their home depends on the owner’s personality more than anything else. While some people like to fill up every nook and corner with beautiful collectables and decoration items, some people like to stick to a bare minimum to bring out the essence of each decorative piece.

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At times the minimalist decor is driven more from a desire to de-clutter life rather than as an art. But it is possible to combine the two and strike a balance rather than just let go of all decor in your house. And this is good not just for how your home looks but also how you feel.

Give empty spaces more focus for a change rather than just thinking of filling them up. Look at your walls and the colour they are painted in. What goes up on the wall can enhance the clear looking wall itself.

Good Vibes Only - Wall Hanging

Decorations pieces are not to be avoided but chosen carefully. Most of us end up filling up our shelves and mantelpieces. A frugal distribution and also utilisation of floor space can be considered when placing the objects. Also when choosing what you put up on your walls or shelves, try to ensure that they give out positive vibes.

Play around with the colors of the fabric of the sofas, cushions and curtains to brighten up the room instead of resorting to paintings, vases and other items. This will also help liven your own energy up.

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Minimalist and positive decor is a must have balance in any home as it has many benefits and creates a motivating and happy aura around the house.

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