Make Up Accessories Gift Set

Apart from diamonds, make up is a girl’s best friend! Looking good is not just about fashion, it is known to be a mood booster as well. It is a great way to not just look good but feel good as well.

1. Make Up Pouches are a very useful gift for those who have a variety of lipsticks, nail paints etc. They are easy to carry everything in one place, just drop it in your bag, backpack or suitcase and you are ready to go. Many personalised pouches are also available as gift options online or in stores.

Fabulous Personalised Makeup Pouch
Personalised Glitter Pouches Set

2. A beauty parlour is not always round the corner, so this cute little Manicure Kit is a great gift for those who are particular about neat n clean hands. Put their name on it for that personal touch and give this personalised gift on birthdays or any other occasion.

Manicure Kit With Name

3. Compact Mirrors are basic essentials when it comes to make up accessories. One just has to have one in their bags. These lovely compact mirrors with special messages on them are great gift ideas for girls.

Nicest Sister Compact Mirror
You Are Strong Compact Mirror

4. A woman’s hair is her true crown! This beautiful Engraved Hairbrush is a perfect addition to the gift set. A make up accessory that one cannot do without.

Engraved Wooden Oval Brush

5. Wrap up the make up accessory gift hamper with this gorgeous jewelry box for her beautiful collection. The look would be incomplete without these accessories.

Compact Jewellery Box

Be it for work, college, parties, holidays or even just when at home, these make up accessories are a very handy gift for women who like to look and feel good.

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