Laugh And Make Others Laugh on World Laughter Day!

We have always been told that it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown. Whether that really is true or not doesn’t matter, the bottom line its that we should really smile more often as it is not just good for our own health but also those around us. Yes, smiling can truly be infectious.

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On World Laughter Day, we can pull ourselves out of our negative thoughts and make it a point to turn that frown upside down. This day is celebrated on the first Sunday of may across the world and is celebrated in many different ways across countries. While a larger goal for people is world peace, harmony and loving co-existence, at an individual level people take out time and thoughts this day to make their friends and family feel good and have a laugh together.

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Some people participate in events that are centred around positivity and fun, like yoga camps, music concerts and even comedy shows, some people opt for simpler celebrations. They give each other gifts that they know will make them smile. Or simply go out for a fun evening doing skating, bowling or karaoke just to have a laugh together as a family or group of friends.

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As the world gets more complicated and people undergo stress and tension on many fronts, days like these become more and more important. Although it is obvious that one should be laughing everyday, one gets trapped in daily routine and responsibilities. Hence setting a day aside as World Laughter Day reminds us that we need to be more positive and happy and helps us regain that balance that is needed in life. Thus setting the pace for the rest of the year. So keep smiling, no matter how many muscles it takes!

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