Last-Minute Valentine Gifts That Don’t Look Last-Minute

Ok, admit it. Valentin’s Day is nearly upon us and you are yet to buy gifts for your special one. Even though every single day together is special for you, do you want to spoil one of the most significant days of your relationship by running around for last-minute Valentine Day Gifts that don’t look last-minute? Exciting Lives has sorted this out for you by putting together last-minute Valentine Day Gifts that don’t look last-minute and yet gives the feeling of cool and classy.

Hundred Reasons I Love You Box

This gift box will bring a million smiles to the special one in your life! Packed with cards carrying a hundred reasons defining why you love him or her will make their day very special on a birthday, anniversary or just like that! Packed in a beautiful box, this is a memorable gift.

Floating Hearts Personalised Glass Frame

This lovely glass block has your favourite picture at the back and floating colourful hearts in water all around. It makes a sweet gift on a special occasion for the special people in your life. The picture can be taken out and replaced later with your own. The frame can be placed on a desktop at home or at work.

Steamy Intimate Game For Couples

This classy game for couples guarantees hours of intimate fun. With hundreds of question-answers, activities and quizzes combined with the dice, ribbon and feather this makes the ideal accessory for every couple, newlyweds, wedding, anniversary or a honeymoon gift.

Love Cards

This cute and romantic set of postcard size love cards carry little messages for your partner. Packed in a lovely red envelope, this makes a wonderful gift for any occasion! Hand them out individually with your own little messages at the back or send them together and bring out beaming smiles!

Message In A Bottle

Make a lasting impression on someone today – send them a message in a bottle! The recipient will receive a corked bottle like it travelled across thousands of miles of ocean and land! Inside are some shells, sand and your message on rolled paper.

Romeo And Juliet Tribute Book

In a truly unique gift, get the complete Romeo & Juliet book customised with your names in it! This book is the entire original Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet play but with the characters’ names replaced by your names throughout the play! The personalised book also carries some pages, introducing one of the world’s most romantic stories and a guide to Shakespeare’s literature.

4Play – The Game Before The Game

Ever tried going down a water slide without water? Then you will realize the importance of foreplay. 4PLAY is the first of its kind board game that is dedicated to getting you and your partner wet, before the actual act! The 24 different tasks come with a precise time limit each, This makes completing 3 turns each a challenge! Cheat/ Denial to perform a task welcomes an erotic punishment. So spin the wheel and let your destiny decide the path tonight!

Buy last-minute Valentine Gifts that don’t look last-minute at Exciting Lives.  Do read the sections given below for more ideas.

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