How To Be A Good Friend

It is very rare that someone does not have a friend. Most friendships happen naturally when people who are similar or who connect in some way form a bond. These friendship bonds could last a life time or for short periods. But when we talk about good friends or best friends, usually these friendships are the ones that last a lifetime.

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Although friendship is based on some natural connect, the relationship has to be worked on. Even friends have to nurture and work on their bonds at times. We see friends break ties at times or drift away despite not wanting to and this is a result of not putting in some effort or making some mistakes that can be avoided.

Like any other relationship even a friendship can involve things to be careful about and to do in order to keep it healthy and loving.

– Be a good listener. Friendships arent all about fun and play. You should be able to lend a shoulder to your friend in time of need.
– Be yourself, do not pretend to impress your friends. Honesty keeps things real and trustworthy.
– Watch out for them, do not hesitate from stopping them from getting into trouble.
– Accept them for who they are. Do not try to change them for your benefit.
– Always check in on friends and gauge their moods so that you don’t miss anything that may be wrong
– Understand and respect boundaries, best friends don’t have to be together all the time
– Never give up on true friends

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Try to work on the tips given above and see if this makes your bonds with friends stronger, it is definitely worth a try. This Friendship Day be the friends you would like to have. Celebrate together, exchange gifts, have fun and make sure you are there for your friends always!

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