How I Became a Gift Guru?

“Your gifts are always so amazing and thoughtful!”. When my best friend said this to me, awwwwww…..there was such a warm feeling in my heart. I have received a lot of compliments from family and friends about my ability to choose the right kind of presents for them, each time, every time. I love giving gifts, not only to others, but to myself as well. How I became a Gift Guru was not an easy process. Putting myself in my recipient’s shoes and doing a lot of online research, looking for fun, quirky, creative and unique gifts got me started on the path of the gifting world. I discovered Exciting Lives and my life has never been the same again. Look at some of the categories that they offer.


Love Potion Body Pen

Use the Love Potion Body Pen’s delicious chocolate-flavoured edible ink to make patterns or write romantic messages on your partner’s body and then lick it off! Great gift idea for couples on intimate occasions or just for a fun evening with your partner.

Truth Or Dare – 100 Truth Cards Set

This compact set of one hundred Truth Cards will make your next gathering a laughter and fun-filled party! Cards are picked from the box in a sequence and everyone answers them honestly. The result is a funny, sometimes embarrassing and a great time for everyone!


Personalised Beer Bottle Labels Set

Super cool personalised labels that carry your message on them and can be easily stuck to beer bottles, to make for a wonderful surprise and neat gift for many occasions!

Personalised Jewellery Box

This classy looking personalised jewellery box is a stylish way of carrying your precious items, while travelling or for storing safely at home. The product that has a personalised name in gold on the top also makes for a nice gift for her on any occasion.


Love Cards

This cute and romantic set of postcard size love cards carry little messages for your partner. Packed in a lovely red envelope, this makes for a wonderful gift for any occasion! Hand them out individually with your own little messages at the back or send them together and bring out beaming smiles!

Message In A Bottle

Make a lasting impression on someone today – send them a message in a bottle! The recipient will receive a corked bottle like it travelled across thousands of miles of ocean and land! Inside are some shells, sand and your message on rolled paper.


Personalised Newspaper

Gift this truly amazing personalised newspaper front-page print that has your choice of newspaper name, headlines and other details. With its permanent print and great quality, it makes the best possible gift on a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion. You can either fold the print over a real newspaper to surprise someone or frame it (framing not included) as a permanent memento!

Rotating Personalised Pen Stand

This very useful desktop accessory is personalised with your favourite memories and holds your every day stationery. A memorable gift for any occasion that will stay on their desks for a long, long time.


Big Box of Insults

Guaranteed to end your enemies, best friends and even siblings – this collection of a hundred insults from around the world is a witty gift and a useful weapon in your attack arsenal. Gift them on their special occasion or when you want to roast someone and send them into a spiral of lethal despair and incurable self-loathing!

Personalised Hukka

Here’s something really unique for someone who loves the hukka – a classy set with a name engraved on it. It’s the perfect birthday gift for your friends or while organising a party!

The list does not stop here. It is pretty exhaustive and covers all bases. Now you know, dear reader, how I became a Gift Guru. Exciting Lives made it easy for me. Do visit Exciting Lives for more options or read the sections given below.

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