Gift Wrapping and the Art of Gifting

She pulls the golden ribbon, tears away the bright pink wrapping paper with multicolored, tiny flowers printed all over it and finally reaches the box that holds her gift. A typical scene at a six year old’s birthday party! What stands out in this scene is that the excitement of the anticipation matches the joy of what comes out of the box itself.

Gold Rose

While getting the perfect gift for someone on any occasion may seem like the most inportant part of any celebration, what one cannot deny is the packaging that goes around it. The way the gift is wrapped holds almost the same spot as the gift itself.

Why do we wrap presents in the first place? It could be excitement that builds to the moment the wrapper comes off, the prolonged element of surprise or possibly the joy that the way it is wrapped gives as well. From fancy ribbons and bows to glittery wrapping papers with amazing prints. Even the boxes and bags that a gift can be placed in can fuse simplicity with elegance.

Engraved Personalised Rakhi

The range of decorations and options available for gift wrapping today are amazing. One can even have personalised boxes and paper with their names and pictures on them. Or prints to emphasise on special occasions like Christmas or New Years.

Best Sister Personalised Chocolate Box
Compact Photo Jewelery Box

Accessories are also in style these days, like having your message delivered alongside the gift is stylish or cute ways. Like a message in a bottle or a Teddy Bear; apart from balloons and flowers.

Chocolates And Teddy Box
I Love You Chocolates Box

It does not have to be an expensive activity, once can even use simple things at home to make the wrapping of the gift special.

Gift Voucher 1000

Half the fun of receiving gifts would go away if gifts weren’t wrapped. The curiosity that builds, the anticipation of lies beyond the wrapping, all of it is part of the fun of getting gifts. And at times, if done well, the wrapping enhances the value of the gift, no matter what it might be. So go ahead and give it your best shot and make your gift super special.

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