Funny Gift Ideas For Friends

The best part of friends is that they usually share your sense of humour. In such a case gifting friends can be a fun experience from the usual routine one. Don’t just pick out any gift for a friend, don’t get emotional. Instead be cheeky and have a laugh with them with these hilarious fun gift ideas.

Joking with friends is always fun and making fun of each other even funnier. This combination set of a mug and fridge magnet that say ‘pran jaaye par wajan na jaye’ is a great bonding line between friends.

Pran Jaye Par Wajan Naa Jaye Magnet
Wajan Naa Jaye Mug

A smart and quirky gift mug for the friends who act smart! This cool gift could act both as praise as well as a jibe which is how friends love it.

Think Outside The Box Mug

This set of personalised socks that scream out for a cup of coffee are for those bossy coffee drinkers in your group.

Personalised Socks

What do friends do best, give free unwanted advice! So these poster gifts that give out free advice are what will be the perfect gift for friends.

Great Friends Offer Beer Framed Print
Free Advice Poster

This hilarious and naughty banana bottle stopper is for your quirky friends. Make them roll over with laughter as a birthday gift or fun at parties.

Mr Banana Bottle Stopper

Last but not least, this personalised t shirt gives you a free hand to put any text you want on top. Dig deep into what would embarrass your best friend and have it printed on this special gift.

Personalised Tshirt

The mark of a true friend is that they never get upset with you even if you make fun of them but instead join in the fun. So get your friend a cool and humorous gift for their birthday or even just to cheer them up and hope they return the favour someday.

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