Friendships Are Important For Our Health

When it comes to health what comes foremost to the mind is exercise and goof food. But in reality there is more to being healthy than just the physical aspect. The well being of a person is measured by both their mental and physical fitness. And they both are interdependent, affecting each other in many ways.

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One very big factor that people tend to not take into consideration while thinking of health is friends! The friendships we have and the kind of friends we have in our lives are actually much more important than we give them credit for.

Some of the direct physical benefits of having friends are:
– Build our immunity
– Keep the brain alert and sharp
– Increase longevity
– Reduce stress
– Decreases risk of illness

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Nurturing our friendships is of high value for emotional reasons as well. It is important to express your feelings to them and be there for them. And this is when occasions like Friendship day become significant. Also friends’ birthdays or friendship anniversaries are also opportunities to make friendships stronger by exchanging memorable gifts or celebrating together.

Some of the mental benefits of great friendships are as follow:
– Support in times of distress or trauma
– Help build confidence and self worth
– Increase positivity
– Help develop social skills
– Keep us happy and joyful

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We have all always known the importance of friends in our lives but the health angle is one that rarely strikes us. So keeping in mind how valuable friends our we should invest more in our friendships. Keep the bonds alive with love and respect and celebrate with our friends for having each other.

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