Dusshera Celebrations Bring Communities Closer

Dusshera is significant in many different ways to many different communities but ultimately it is about the victory of good over evil.

Navratri celebrations in Gujarat happen with the famous Dandiya dances. The Durga Pooja pandals and idol immersion in Bengal is the focus for the nine days. The Mysore Dassara procession is watched by thousands with utmost pomp and show. Another unique celebration is the Lord Raghunath procession in Kullu. And the common element is the burning of effigies of Ravan across the country. This is a time of religious revelry in different parts of the country in many different ways yet the reason for celebration is the same.

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Dusshera is also known as Vijaydashmi, signifying the victory of Lord ram over Ravana. Ram Leela is a major part of this festival wherein the whole Ramayan is depicted theatrically. People of all levels of society get together to watch this age old story every year. It is much loved and enjoyed by youngsters and adults alike, the story being an integral part of the social and cultural fabric of India.

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At an individual level, people celebrate by doing fasting for nine days. Many pujas are performed during this time at home. People also organise community prayer sessions in their houses for friends and neighbours. The houses are decorated with new and beautiful things and gifts are exchanged with friends and family. Another prevalent ritual is the act of charity to the poor and underprivileged or at temples.

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Dusshera is a very important festival in India and is celebrated with much piety and devoutness. As with all other religious celebrations the focus is on peace and harmony with joyful celebrations, bringing different communities closer.

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