Diyas And Candles For Festivals

The most apt gift for the festival season that is both auspicious and beautiful si the traditional diya. Along with that even candles are most suited for Diwali gifts or Dusshera gifts or any other religious occasion.

Choose from a colorful and pretty selection of diyas and candles to light up your home!

Diamond Shaped Floating Gel Candles

This 6 piece set of cute diamond shaped floating candles that will colorfully brighten up the day are beautiful home gift idea for any festive occasion. Filled with gel, they will burn for hours.

Multicolored Diya Set Of Three

Multicolored Diya Set Of Three

A handcrafted set of three terrocota diyas is a simple, beautiful and useful gift for the festive season. Packed together in a set of three the diya lights are great as home decor. 

Flowers Floating Candles Set Of Five

This lovely set of floating candles makes a fine addition to your home. Just drop them over a bowl and light them up for a wonderful glowing effect. 

Multicolored Diya Set Of Four

In a lovely combination of green and pink these wax diyas will light up your home for hours. A set of four, the pretty design enhances their look.

Red Diya Set Of Six

Red Diya Set Of Six

This set of handcrafted diyas are a brilliant traditional gift. The bright gold and red stand out and add to the glow of the flame. These can be for yourself or also to gift friends and family as part of the festivities.

Colored Diya Set Of Six

Diyas shaped like earthen pots, in cheerful colours, a great way to decorate your home on Diwali or Dusshera. Gift family with these diyas along with traditional sweets.

Laxmi Ganesha Cute Candles Set

This very cute set of candles has the Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha adorning the glass walls of the fragrant candle in bright colors! This compact candle makes a wonderful gift on festive occasions or otherwise. 

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