Cool Gift Ideas For Children

Usually figuring out gifts for children is not too difficult. Birthday gifting being the easiest, the kids themselves are pretty clear about what they want at times and will let you know. But when it comes to occasions like Diwali, things get a bit harder. Although they are delighted to receive their new traditional kurtas and lehengas, gifts for kids need to be something they really want.

The 3D Soft Doll is a cool gift idea for younger kids. Make a wonderful miniature doll that has his or her face molded on it in 3D!

3D Soft Doll

This cute superhero keychain has flashing lights and sounds coming out of it at the push of a button. This unique gift is for Batman fans of all ages.

Batman LED Keychain
Batman LED Keychain

Board games and card games are always fun not just for kids but also for the whole family. With the holidays on during festival time, this is a great way to bond over a game.

Jungle Quest Kids Cards Game

Cool mugs with the kids’ favourite cartoon character or the evergreen dinosaurs are also a great Diawli gift idea. Mugs are also a very useful gift that last forever.

Tea Rex Teacup
Peppa Pig Family Mug

A personalised notebook is also a lovely way to encourage the children to do some writing. And they will love owning one that is personalised for them.

Personalised Notebook

This penguin backpack is a cute gift for little kids who have just started school. They will love seeing their glittering name on it, a wonderful personalised gift idea.

Personalised Penguin Backpack For Kids

So mix it up for Diwali gifts this year, the kurta, the laddoos and maybe a Harry Potter mug on the side. Or the bangles and barfis with a personalised bag with your kids pic on it. Fusion gifts always work.

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