Children’s Day Gift Ideas

In India, Children’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of November. This day is meant to increase awareness of children’s rights and their welfare as well as to celebrate the innocence and joy of childhood. This is a day to treat all children with extra kindness and love, and to shower them with wonderful gifts that will make them smile.

Animal Kingdom Calendar
A cute gift for kids to decorate their room with colourful prints.

Animal Kingdom Calendar

Animal Toys
This dinosaur optical; illusion kit is a cool gift for dino fans. And the chicken keychain is a fun gift for young children.

Dinosaur Optical Illusion Kit
Egg Laying Chicken Keychain

Mini Dart Board Set
A fun birthday gift or just to play with friends, this dart board set is a great gift idea for older children.

Mini Dart Board Set

Personalised Door Hangars
The perfect gift for teens who guard their privacy fiercely. Get them these door hangars with their name on it.

Personalised Door Hanger
Kids Name Door Hanger

Super Kids School Bag Tag
Smart tags for kids’ school bags to make them stand out in the crowd.

Super Kids School Bag Tag

Personalised Video Game
Get your little one to be the hero of this action packed game. A brilliant personalised gift idea that your child will absolutely love.

Personalized Video Game - Savior Of Jaisalmer

All the boys and girls deserve to be treated special on this day with lots of fun and cool Children’s Day gifts, parties and celebrations. Make it a unique and memorable experience for them with all your love and attention.

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