How To Be A Good Friend

It is very rare that someone does not have a friend. Most friendships happen naturally when people who are similar or who connect in some way form a bond. These friendship bonds could last a life time or for short periods. But when we talk about good friends or best friends, usually these friendships are the ones that last a lifetime.

True Friends Personalised Framed Print

Although friendship is based on some natural connect, the relationship has to be worked on. Even friends have to nurture and work on their bonds at times. We see friends break ties at times or drift away despite not wanting to and this is a result of not putting in some effort or making some mistakes that can be avoided.

Like any other relationship even a friendship can involve things to be careful about and to do in order to keep it healthy and loving.

– Be a good listener. Friendships arent all about fun and play. You should be able to lend a shoulder to your friend in time of need.
– Be yourself, do not pretend to impress your friends. Honesty keeps things real and trustworthy.
– Watch out for them, do not hesitate from stopping them from getting into trouble.
– Accept them for who they are. Do not try to change them for your benefit.
– Always check in on friends and gauge their moods so that you don’t miss anything that may be wrong
– Understand and respect boundaries, best friends don’t have to be together all the time
– Never give up on true friends

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Try to work on the tips given above and see if this makes your bonds with friends stronger, it is definitely worth a try. This Friendship Day be the friends you would like to have. Celebrate together, exchange gifts, have fun and make sure you are there for your friends always!

Beautiful and Unique Rakhis For Your Brother

The most important part of Rakshabandhan apart from the brother-sister expression of love is the Rakhi itself. The sacred thread that bonds the siblings forever. Make sure you get the best Rakhi for your brother this year.

Bhai or Best Bhai Engraved Rakhi

Best Bhai Engraved Rakhi With Card
Bhai Engraved Rakhi With Card

Engraved Photo Rakhi & Engraved Personalised Rakhi

Engraved Photo Rakhi
Engraved Name Rakhi

Personalised Photo Rakhi

Personalised Photo Rakhi

Personalised Name Rakhi

Personalised Name Rakhi
Personalised Name Rakhi

Rakshabandhan Chocolate & Rakhi or Mug & Rakhi

Rakshabandhan Mug With Rakhi
Rakshabandhan Chocolate And Rakhi

The sweets or Rakhi gifts can be a notch high or low but there can be no compromise on the Rakhi you gift your brother!


Low Budget Gifts For Friends

So Friendship Day is nearly here and you want to surprise all your friends with cool gifts to show them how important they are to you! But what if you are one of those popular people and have too many friends? Buying gifts for everyone could burn a hole in your pocket.Here are some wonderful gift ideas that make awesome gifts but will not cost you a bomb either.

1. An hour glass, brass telescope or compass keychain. These antique gift items look classy for a minimal price.

Brass Telescope Keychain
Brass Hourglass Keychain

2. A personalised chocolate with a wrapper that has your very own message is a sweet gift ifdea.

Friends Personalised Chocolate

3. The Girl Power Badge and Compact Mirror for your girlfriends are perfect knick knacks for Friendhsip Day gifting.

Girl Power Badge
Girl Power Compact Mirror

4. An ingenious and useful gift is this Credit Card Pocket Knife. A cool must have in your friend’s bag.

Credit Card Knife

5. Personalised Luggage Tags are also a useful gift for those friends who cant stop holidaying.

Not Your Bag Name Tag
Legend Luggage Tag

6. Anything to do with Minions is always a great gift! This cute Minions Cord Wire Wrap or the Minions LED Keychain will make your friends smile.

Minions LED Keychain
Minions Cord Wire Wrap

7. These Colorful Bottle Keychains are a great gift for every member of the friends group.

Cute Bottle Keychain

8. The Buri Nazar Mug is a necessary gift to protect your precious friendships from the evil eye and to have a good laugh with your friends on the humorous gift item.

Buri Nazar Mug
Buri Nazar Mug

These unique and fun gifts are of high quality within the price range that would work for anyone. So don’t worry about not being able to get Friendship Day gifts for all your friends, with these exciting and affordable gift ideas, you can now make everyone happy!

Sibling Treats: Special Gifts for Rakhi

Sibling love will soon be in the air with Rakhsabandhan around the corner. Brothers will gift sisters exotic and precious gifts while sisters will try to get the best emotional and thoughtful gifts for their brothers. We can make your hunt for that perfect rakhi gift easier with this list of cool sibling gifts.

1. This cute set of two coffee mugs that say Best Bhai & Best Behen makes the perfect gift for your brothers and sisters on Rakhi! 

Bhai Behen Mugs Set Of Two

2. This Brother Sister clock that reminds you of the pillow fights, toys and the fun you had growing up! A loving gift that brings up sweet memories.

Brothers And Sisters Clock

3. Cute fridge magnets that will make your brother and sister smile, these make for fun gifts as well as memorable gifts.

Bhai Fridge Magnet
My Brother Magnet

4. The Brother Sister mug is an awesome gift for siblings not just as a Rakhi gift but also for birthdays or any other occasion.

Brother Sister Mug

5. The Happy Rakshabandhan Mug with a Rakhi as well is the perfect combo gift. With it’s wonderful permanent print and a simple and elegant rakhi it’s the perfect little gift this season.

Happy Raksha Bandhan Mug With Rakhi

Choose from these lovely gift ideas for Rakhi and make the occasion super special!

Group Gifts for All Your Besties on Friendship Day

Some people have a best friend, some have two and then there are those who have a whole group of besties. The more friends the merrier being their motto. In such cases celebrating Friendship Day can be much more fun with so many people to enjoy it with. You can get together with your favourite bunch and organise some fun group gifts for everyone such that you have a great time together and cherish your friendship.

What we mostly remember of our times with friends are the experiences that we share with each other. So a cool way to celebrate Friendship day would be to participate in a fun and exciting gift experience. From cake baking classes to cocktail making sessions. Pick an activity that every member of your group enjoys and have a fun day together.

Cake Baking Experience
Cocktail Sessions

Decorate your best friend hangout with these cool alphabet posters. Gift each friend a poster with the letter of their name and hang them up in your favourite den. This personalised gift idea is a fun way to mark your territory with your gang.

Alphabet Name Poster

Pick your poison, be it liquor shots or a hot cup of tea, what do you love sharing with your besties? Accordingly you could get this cool gift of skull shotglasses for a fun night together or these awesome personalised tea cups with each friend’s name engraved on it, for a chill out tea session.

Engraved Chai Mug
Doomed Shotglasses Set of 4

Celebrate the close bond you share with each friend with this heartbeat pendant, one for each friend to show you share your love. This beautiful jewelry gift is one that will last a lifetime.

Heartbeat Pendant And Chain

The best thing about a group of friends is the diversity. Each friend is different and has a quirk of his/her own. Celebrate your differences with these cool mugs with funny lines on them depending on the character of that friend. These funny mugs will be a big hit for the gang.

Cute But Psycho Mug
I Pretend To Work Mug
Engineers Mug

Friends are there for each other through thick and thin and deserve to nurture their bonds. So get together and plan a fun day with your closest group of friends. With these cool and unique gifts and ways to celebrate, you not only make the bonds stronger but also create memories for life.

Fun And Sweet Gifts For Your Brother

With Rakshabandhan coming up starts the mad scramble for Rakhi gifts. Every sister wants to get that perfect gift for her favourite brother. Check out some interesting gift ideas for your bro, easily available online.

Tease your brother with this gift box that has ”NOTHING” in it! It’s a fun gift that will make him mad at you when he sees the ‘nothing’ in the box but then the write up inside will surely make him laugh out loud.


A personalised fridge magnet with your pic with bro is a sweet gift for him, especially with the message that celebrates your friendship with him and not just sibling love. Make sure you put a nice photo of him on it though!

Siblings Personalised Magnet

Get this cool text t-shirt with your very own personalised message on it. Crack a joke or express your love, the choice is yours, either way this unique gift will make him happy.

Personalised White Tshirt

Every sister feels her brother is the best and coolest one on the planet but may not always admit it. Let your bro know how you feel with this coolest bro mug & a personalised clock that says he’s the best!

Worlds Coolest Brother Mug
Brothers Personalised Clock

Rakhshabandhan is a great occasion to tell your brother how much you love him and get away without looking soppy! So open your heart and get your bro gifts and treat him the way he deserves to be treated.

Friendships Are Important For Our Health

When it comes to health what comes foremost to the mind is exercise and goof food. But in reality there is more to being healthy than just the physical aspect. The well being of a person is measured by both their mental and physical fitness. And they both are interdependent, affecting each other in many ways.

Diva Diamond Photoshoot

One very big factor that people tend to not take into consideration while thinking of health is friends! The friendships we have and the kind of friends we have in our lives are actually much more important than we give them credit for.

Some of the direct physical benefits of having friends are:
– Build our immunity
– Keep the brain alert and sharp
– Increase longevity
– Reduce stress
– Decreases risk of illness

Friends Personalised Chocolate

Nurturing our friendships is of high value for emotional reasons as well. It is important to express your feelings to them and be there for them. And this is when occasions like Friendship day become significant. Also friends’ birthdays or friendship anniversaries are also opportunities to make friendships stronger by exchanging memorable gifts or celebrating together.

Some of the mental benefits of great friendships are as follow:
– Support in times of distress or trauma
– Help build confidence and self worth
– Increase positivity
– Help develop social skills
– Keep us happy and joyful

Hugs For You Mug

We have all always known the importance of friends in our lives but the health angle is one that rarely strikes us. So keeping in mind how valuable friends our we should invest more in our friendships. Keep the bonds alive with love and respect and celebrate with our friends for having each other.

Special Gifts For Special Sisters

There’s nothing in this world like a sister’s love. If she is older than you or younger, you know you will always be her priority and your best friend. Treat your sister to some lovely gifts on her occasions that are special for her.

On your little sister’s birthday, make her jump with joy with these cute and cool gifts. The 3D Soft Doll and Angry Bird Doll are amazing personalised gifts. With the face of your sister moulded on to the dolls it makes the toy more fun for her.

3D Soft Doll
Angry Bird Personalised Doll

This Personalised poster expresses your love and appreciation for your sister. It tells her how important she is as a sister and a friend. There is also a customised message you can put in for her at the bottom of the poster with your name on it.

Better Sister Personalised Poster

These beautiful Color Changing Rings are a great gift idea for Rakhi. All sisters expect nice Rakshabandhan gifts from their brothers and these sweet jewelry gifts are perfect for this occasion.

Color Changing Butterfly Ring
Clover Leaf Color Changing Ring

East or west, your sister is the best. and so is this personalised mug gift for her. It proclaims her as the best sister i the world. But make sure you pick a photo where she looks good to ensure she doesn’t neat you up!

Best Sister Personalised Mug

Gift a smile to your lovely sister and give her back the joy she gives to you. Celebrate your special bond with these amazing gifts for your sister on birthdays, Rakhshabandhan, going away gifts or just to show her how much you love her!

Make Your Friends Smile With Cool Gifts

There comes a point in life when friends become family. If you’re at that stage then consider yourself lucky and make sure it stays that way. Treat your best friend on his or her birthday with some special gifts and extra attention. Or celebrate your friendship with these sweet and cool gift ideas.

The best gift option for a friend you are totally comfortable with is one that exudes humour and you can not just have fun with that friend but also make fun of them. These funny mugs bring the fun element to gifting.

You Will Always Be My Friend Mug
Best Friends Mug

Some of the best times with our friends are spent over a cup of tea, huddled together till early morning hours just talking. Make those get togethers extra special with this set of personalised tea glasses with all your friends names on them. These colorful chai glasses in an authentic chai stand are a unique gift for friends groups.

Cutting Chai Personalised Glasses Set

Nothing says it better than the sitcom Friends, always there for friends. An extra for fans of the show, these artistic mug gifts are a cool way to wish your friends on any occasion.

Friends Fan Art Mug
Be There For You Mug

Here’s a fun gift for that friend who is the eternal drama queen, celebrate her quirks with this quirky mug that is personalised with her pic.

Drama Queen Personalised Mug

We laugh and cry with our best friends and enjoy every special moment of our lives with them, cherish these friendships and make the bonds stronger by celebrating together on birthdays, friendship day, friendship anniversaries or just for fun.

Personalised Gifts For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special occasion that gives you the opportunity to express your love and make your Dad the happiest man on the planet. Giving him some unique gifts that mark your relationship are a great way to celebrate.

1. A Framed Memento that proclaims your Dad to be the hero is a photo gift for any father.

Dad Hero Personalised Memento

2. If your father loves his drink, gift him this Personalised Whiskey Glass that calls him the ‘Best Dad’ and also mentions the year he became one.

Best Dad Whiskey Glass

3. This cute and funny ‘Pyaare Babuji Cushion‘ will make him crack up in a huge smile for sure.

Pyare Babuji Cushion

4. An evergreen gift is the eternal Photo Coffee Mug, make it memorable with his fav pic on it.

Fathers Photo Mug

5. The Superdad Personalised Memento is a cool gift for the Dad who has always been your superman and also has a sense of humour!

Super Dad Personalised Memento

6. Get this Photo Clock for him for his home or office walls. The photograph of memories with him will signify how precious your tie with him has been for you.

Dad Personalised Clock

7. And this one is a unique gift for the Dads out there who happen to Star Wars fanboys. The perfect gift for a Vader-Skywalker duo, the Star Wars Father’s Day Mug!

Star Wars Art Fathers Day Mug

Personalised gifts always have that special touch that make the gift more emotional and thoughtful. So put in a bit of effort and make this Father’s Day extra special because your father deserves it!