Best Gifts To Give When There Is A Proposal In The Air

I met my girlfriend on a remote mountain range in the Himalayas. We hit it off really well right from the very beginning, maybe because we were the only two people around!!! Both of us love the great outdoors and after that first trip have travelled quite a bit together. This year we plan to visit the famous Masai Mara Game Resort in Kenya. What is going to make it special is the plan that I have to propose to her! She has come to mean a lot to me and I am ready to admit that I just cannot live without her. I feel a past-life connection with her; a very special soulmate kind of bond. I would like to present her with gifts along with my proposal. What are the best gifts to give when there is a proposal in the air? Here are some of the options that I am considering from Exciting Lives and I just hope that she loves them, along with my proposal, of course!

Cubelit Mini Lamp

This cute personalized lamp of 4-inch side radiates five of your best memories. With a beautiful bottom glow and plug & play facility, it’s a gift that the receiver will treasure for times to come.

Name A Star

Gift a real star in the sky named after someone special. It’s the perfect way of telling them they’re the center of your universe – it’s just ideal on a birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day or other occasions.

When you buy Name A Star – the unique gift set imported from the UK – the original Intergalactic Star Database assigns the name of your choice to a unique star in the sky. A nice gift pack with complete registration details is then delivered to you. I think that this is one of the best gifts to give when there is a proposal in the air, to convey the message that she is the centre of my universe!

Be There For You Mug

Romantic quote based on the theme song of the popular Friends TV show. Printed with fan artwork in black and colourful dots, this is a unique and meaningful gift for your special ones.

Charcoal Portrait

Have the picture of someone special converted into a beautiful hand-drawn charcoal-pencil portrait. It’s a great gift for any occasion and a wonderful idea for your empty wall! All portraits are professionally hand-made on high-quality paper and delivered across India.

Adventure Compass

This adventurer’s compass comes with an engraving of Robert Frost’s poem – ‘The Road Not Taken’ and is a classic gift. The removable lid is a beautiful solid brass reproduction of an antique air-damped compass from the times of the explorers. Under the lid is engraved the popular poem from 1916 about making choices and taking the uncommon paths in life.

Love Combo Romantic Gift Set

This gift box is the ideal love combo gift for your partner, couples on anniversaries, weddings or just for fun. Consisting of 10 different items from intimate sexy games to romantic objects, this set will make for a wonderful evening for a couple.

Ten Reasons I Love You Personalised Frame

Gift your special one this large personalised frame that is a collage of the best things about your partner and your relationship. The wooden frame carries the print with the person’s name and a collection of quotes that you provide. While ordering. we will show some samples for you to use but you can type in your own as well. This personalised romantic frame makes a sweet gift for birthdays, Valentine’s, anniversaries or other occasions.

For some of the best gifts to give along with a proposal, do visit Exciting Lives. Read the other sections given below for more ideas.

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