How I Planned An Awesome Birthday Surprise For My Dad

This is the story of how I planned an awesome birthday surprise for my Dad. My dad was going to turn 50 this year and with the help of some of my older cousins, I was very keen on getting him 5 gifts for his 50th; 5 because of 50, get the connection? We came across this fun site called Exciting Lives and some of the gift ideas that were listed on the site blew our minds away. Here are the 5 gifts that I chose for the special man in my life!

Name A Star

Gift a real star in the sky named after someone special. It’s the perfect way of telling them they’re the centre of your universe – it’s just ideal on a birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day or other occasions.

When you buy Name A Star – the unique gift set is imported from the UK – the original Intergalactic Star Database assigns the name of your choice to a unique star in the sky. A nice gift pack with complete registration details is then delivered to you.

Look Up To Daddy Personalised Poster

This personalised smart and classy poster shows your admiration for him! The print reads “No matter how tall I get I’ll always look up to my Daddy.” You can also add a small personalised note at the bottom.

Personalised Hukka

Here’s something really unique for someone who loves the hukkah – a classy set with a name engraved on it. It’s the perfect gift for your father or while organising a party!

Personalised Newspaper

Gift this truly amazing personalised newspaper front-page print that has your choice of newspaper name, headlines and other details. With its permanent print and great quality, it makes the best possible gift on a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion. You can either fold the print over a real newspaper to surprise someone or frame it (framing not included) as a permanent memento!

All Drunk Party Drinking Game

This crazy and fun card drinking game is a great way to have a fabulous time at your next party. With simple and easy instructions, this set of cards for adults is a great way to break the ice, ensure the success of your party and of course, get everyone drunk. Cards include instructions, small quizzes or games to play, to get people to drink. And there’s alcohol trivia spread across the cards that make for interesting reading during the game itself.

When D-Day arrived, food and drinks from dad’s favourite restaurant, along with a beautiful birthday cake were ordered. During the surprise birthday party, when he was presented with the 5 gifts, he was speechless. The expression on his face was a priceless Kodak moment! The story of how I planned an awesome birthday surprise for my Dad became a rage for a long time to come.

Shop at Exciting Lives for gifts for Fathers. Do read the sections given below for more ideas.

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