An Out Of The Box Gift Idea

Here’s a simple and off beat gift that would work for any age or occasion or even without occasion. The humble Mouse Pad is a unique gift item and a must for nearly everyone in this day and age of online classes and work from home.

It is mostly the kids who would like to jazz up their gaming and classroom sessions with some cool computer accessories around. Apart from putting up posters on their walls on can also give these cool mousepad gifts to the kids.

Counter Strike Fan Art Mouse Pad

This high-quality mouse-pad based on Counter Strike fanart is made of antiskid materials and has a permanent print that looks great on your desk. Another option for Fortnite fans is this mouse pad based on fan-art of the popular game. Vibrant colors and light-weight material make it the ideal choice for use at home or office with your laptop or home computer. 

Fortnite Mouse Pad

Everyone can do with some fun and laughter around the house or workplace, and no one brings it out better than the Minions. This one is not just a gift for kids but for anyone who has a sense of humour and likes to laugh. It is a great accessory to have around to keep you cheerful through the day.

Laughing Minions Mouse Pad

And last but not least is this mouse pad with vintage architecture and a boating theme, the perfect gift for art lovers. With a beautiful blend of soothing colours and artistic flair, this mouse pad is no less a home decor gift than any other. A sight for sore eyes, to keep you rejuvenated.

Vintage City And River Mouse Pad

Try out these cool and lovely mousepad gift ideas for a change. It makes for a great combination of practical gifting and infusing art and colour into your environment.

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