Season Of Fun and Festivity

As the end of the year approaches people have a lot to look forward to. With Christmas round the corner, the mood is that of love and togetherness. Spending the holidays with friends and family, exchanging gifts with loved ones and expressing gratitude for all that one has had through the year. With the New Year approaching right after that, it is also a time for reflection and self analysis.

New Year Personalised Chocolate

While memories are celebrated during the Xmas festivities, New Year celebrations are more about creating new ones. No matter how the year went by one always looks to the next year as a gift of the opportunity to make things better, to improve on the past. It encourage a positive outlook to the coming year.

Christmas Mini Candles Set

Christmas and New year festivities go hand in hand as one follows the other. The mood and tone of the celebrations are also similar. Both are family celebrations involving the children as well as the adults. Families get together for dinners and parties. People set aside time to be with each other. And as part of the fun they exchange gifts as well.

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With the year having been taken over by worries about the pandemic, how we celebrate this year will change drastically but the spirit will remain the same. Families and friends may not be able to meet in person but the distance can be made up through video call, sending each other gifts and staying in touch as much as one can. So prepare for Christmas and New Year with the same enthusiasm but a higher level of care.

Great Wedding Gifts For The Groom

The wedding day is a big day for both the bride and the groom. It is the beginning of life together with someone you love and people celebrate that love by giving gifts to the couple to start their new life. These gifts are usually home gifts, home d├ęcor items or useful gifts for a home. The bride also enjoys special attention with wonderful and unique gifts lavished on her. While the groom may feel a bit left behind in terms of gift options available for men, these days there is a variety available to make them happy as well.

Automated Tie Rack: This motorized, sleek and useful gadget is ideal for the upwardly mobile executive, a great way to get the groom organised and ready to impress his bride.

Automated Tie Rack

Elegant Watch Box: A classy gift for him that can be used to store his precious watches safely, as well as other expensive items.

Watch Box Eight Slots

Vertigo Bottle Holder & Lock: Help the couple set up their bar with these cool gift items. These are stylish bar accessories that are great as party gifts too.

Vertigo Balancing Bottle Holder
Bottle Lock

Photo Wallet: This personalised gift is a memorable one that will last for a long time due to the emotional value that the photo will bring to it. So make sure you choose the right pic, on that warms the couple’s heart forever.

Photo Wallet Regular

Handsome Chef Apron: Get this funny gift and make the groom laugh, a personalised apron that deems him the most handsome of them all. This naughty gift will also help the groom make a favourable impression with the bride.

Handsome Chef Name Apron

Don’t let the bride have all the fun, gift the groom with some cool items and make it equally fun for him. Weddings are an affair to remember for a lifetime and the gifts should be the same, evergreen and unforgettable!

Cool Christmas Gifts For Everyone

The joy of gifting increases manifold on Christmas Day. It is pretty much the peitome of gifting. This is one celebration that brings people of all ages and gender joy, through the common occasion of Xmas.

This the day that is most looked forward to by the children, The thought of Santa Claus having left something wonderful for them under the tree is beyond compare. Even if they know that the parents got the gifts for kids, it makes no difference. From personalised mugs and water bottles to fun games and toys, the options for children’s gifts are endless.

White Personalised Sipper Bottle
Kids Flying Train Personalised Magic Mug

Even the adults love opening their gifts on Christmas morning, even if they deny it. Their joy at getting a lovely Xmas gift matches the kids in every way. There are a number of things to choose from to get a gift for your husband of wife. Personalised gift items that create memories are more popular with the grown ups.

Photo Strip Popup Box

Other gift ideas for the Christmas season are home decor items. Within this category also one can get personalised lamps, photo frames, clocks, fridge magnets and other decoration items. A great gift for family or when visiting someone’s house.

Rotating Cube Personalised Photo Frame
Square Personalised Fridge Magnet

Even though the emphasis is more on family, there is no stopping anyone from gifting friends with their choice of gifts as friends are as important as family.. You could gift hampers or group gifts with pictures of the gang of friends or anything that reminds you of that amazing bond you have.

Friends Photo Clock

The beauty of Christmas is that it transcends countries and religions. Undoubtedly a favourite with the kids thanks to the wonderful gifts they receive, it also signifies the importance of love and joy in a community. So get that glimmering Christmas tree and stack up the awesome gifts and enjoy the smiles.

Beautiful Wedding Gifts For The Brides

A wedding come up in the family and you happen to be on the bride’s side? This can be a confusing time to figure out the best gifts for the bride, one that stands out from the others. A great way is to make sure your special gift for her has a unique touch to it.

This lovely personalised gift lamp with a collection of her favourite memories is something the bride will love to decorate her new home with.

Cubelit Personalised Lamp

An engraved beautiful hairbrush is an offbeat gift but a practical gift which can be added to the bride’s trousseau.

Engraved Wooden Rectangle Brush

This beautifully crafted large jewelry box with plenty of storage space and compartments for all her accessories is a wonderful addition to the dresser. An elegant gift for daughters or friends.

Leather Jewelry Box

A classic gift idea is this set of chic pearl earrings with necklace. A great jewelry gift that can be worn at any formal occasion. Definitely a classy gift for her.

Chic Grey Pearls Necklace And Earrings Set

This personalised make up bag is something every bride needs. In bright colors, this make up bag reflects the positive energy of a new bride to be and also has her name on it.

Fabulous Personalised Makeup Pouch

Get naughty with this fun gift for your friend who’s getting married. A great idea for hen parties, with lots of laughs.

Is He Mr Right

Another unique gift idea for her is this massage gift experience. The Abhyangam Ayurvedic massage will make the glowing bride even more beautiful for her special day.

Abhyangam Experience

Treat your beloved daughter or your best friend who is about to get married to some wonderful gifts that she can use as well as ones that create beautiful memories for her in her new journey ahead.

The Thanksgiving Tradition

As the world shrinks, people these days are citizens of the world. Technology has made not only accessing different countries and cultures easier but also immersing in them. People are more keen and open to embracing the world for the differences within it. They are not just willing but enjoy other cultures and traditions and this has led to a lot of festivals and celebrations that used to be limited to some countries and cultures to now being celebrated across the world.

Thanksgiving is one such occasion that is slowly becoming more and more popular, even though it a very American holiday. Its origins lie in the harvesting season, a celebration of the harvest by the Pilgrims. But that sentiment of being thankful is not just limited to food anymore. It has slowly become more about thanking the universe for family, friends and all that you are grateful for in life.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

People take this opportunity to be together with their families and friends over a meal that has a specific menu. The dishes are traditional, the centre of the feast being a roasted turkey. Pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce are also a must. With Christmas fast approaching, the music is filled with holiday numbers. Families bond with each other over a game of sports, board games or cooking the meals together. Even though the focus on gifts is reserved more for the upcoming Christmas, some people do exchange knick knacks to increase the fun.

Image by maurafay from Pixabay

The popularity of cross cultural celebrations like thanksgiving can be attributed majorly to TV shows and cinema apart from the fact that people travel and settle in various countries much more than they ever did before. Human emotions and needs are the same all over and everyone enjoys bonding with loved ones over good food and music and lots of conversations. So why not add another celebration to your holidays if you haven’t already.

Quirky Gifts Just for Fun

Gifts are chosen as per the occasion or a special date but what is most important to keep in mind while gifting is the person. Their nature, attitude, likes and dislikes. When you know a person well, gifting can be a fun activity. Here are some quirky gift ideas for those who can handle it.

1. Personalised Coffee Stencil

Personalised Coffee Stencil

2. Bra Bag

Bra Bag

3. Black Ceramic Mug Set

Slim Black Ceramic Mug Set of 2

4. Personalised Mini Cricket Bat

Personalised Mini Cricket Bat

5. Help Me Bookmark

Help Me Bookmark

6. Hopside Down Glass

Hopside Down Glass

7. LED Hair Extensions

LED Hair Extensions

8. Mr Fit Personal Trainer

Mr Fit Personal Trainer

9. Social Distancing Personalised T Shirt

Social Distancing Personalised Tshirt

10. Gunshot Glass Set

Gun Shot Glass Set

These quirky gifts make you think out of the box and can end up pleasantly surprising people. This way they may enjoy their gifts even more. So be experimental but make sure you know the recipient well enough to match the right gift to the right person.

Unique Wedding Gifts For the Perfect Couple

A glowing bride, a dashing groom and the feeling of love in the air, that’s all that is needed to make a perfect wedding. But one cant do without the gorgeous decorations, amazing wedding gifts and of course, the loving relatives and friends.

Wedding gifts are essential in these celebrations. For the couple starting a new life together, these gifts act both as auspicious blessings as well as practical gift items to start a new home.

These personalised champagne glasses engraved with the couple’s names are an elegant gift with hint of romance.

Personalised Champagne Flutes

Some home gift items are clocks but you can make them special by getting them personalised with their couple photos on them, bringing an element of a personal touch while being a useful gift as well.

Hearts And Flowers Clock
Clock Of Love

A special gift game for their special time together is this naughty game gift for couples. A naughty gift for friends getting married with a high hotness quotient.

Intimacy - Romantic Game For Couples

A heritage holiday can be a wonderful wedding gift or honeymoon gift, have the wedding couple stay in a luxurious heritage property.

Heritage Holiday Break

Some fun gifts are this photo frame with Mr & Mrs written on top or this mug set with the same. A great way to rub it in with some fun.

Mr And Mrs Photo Frame Lamp
Mr And Mrs Personalised Mug Set

Another practical gift for weddings is a gift voucher that gives the bride and groom the freedom to choose whatever they like for their new home together.

Lifestyle Shopping Pack

Make the wedding celebrations complete with these wonderful gifts for the special couple, to help them embark on a new adventure with laughter and joy.