Diyas And Candles For Festivals

The most apt gift for the festival season that is both auspicious and beautiful si the traditional diya. Along with that even candles are most suited for Diwali gifts or Dusshera gifts or any other religious occasion.

Choose from a colorful and pretty selection of diyas and candles to light up your home!

Diamond Shaped Floating Gel Candles

This 6 piece set of cute diamond shaped floating candles that will colorfully brighten up the day are beautiful home gift idea for any festive occasion. Filled with gel, they will burn for hours.

Multicolored Diya Set Of Three

Multicolored Diya Set Of Three

A handcrafted set of three terrocota diyas is a simple, beautiful and useful gift for the festive season. Packed together in a set of three the diya lights are great as home decor. 

Flowers Floating Candles Set Of Five

This lovely set of floating candles makes a fine addition to your home. Just drop them over a bowl and light them up for a wonderful glowing effect. 

Multicolored Diya Set Of Four

In a lovely combination of green and pink these wax diyas will light up your home for hours. A set of four, the pretty design enhances their look.

Red Diya Set Of Six

Red Diya Set Of Six

This set of handcrafted diyas are a brilliant traditional gift. The bright gold and red stand out and add to the glow of the flame. These can be for yourself or also to gift friends and family as part of the festivities.

Colored Diya Set Of Six

Diyas shaped like earthen pots, in cheerful colours, a great way to decorate your home on Diwali or Dusshera. Gift family with these diyas along with traditional sweets.

Laxmi Ganesha Cute Candles Set

This very cute set of candles has the Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha adorning the glass walls of the fragrant candle in bright colors! This compact candle makes a wonderful gift on festive occasions or otherwise. 

An Out Of The Box Gift Idea

Here’s a simple and off beat gift that would work for any age or occasion or even without occasion. The humble Mouse Pad is a unique gift item and a must for nearly everyone in this day and age of online classes and work from home.

It is mostly the kids who would like to jazz up their gaming and classroom sessions with some cool computer accessories around. Apart from putting up posters on their walls on can also give these cool mousepad gifts to the kids.

Counter Strike Fan Art Mouse Pad

This high-quality mouse-pad based on Counter Strike fanart is made of antiskid materials and has a permanent print that looks great on your desk. Another option for Fortnite fans is this mouse pad based on fan-art of the popular game. Vibrant colors and light-weight material make it the ideal choice for use at home or office with your laptop or home computer. 

Fortnite Mouse Pad

Everyone can do with some fun and laughter around the house or workplace, and no one brings it out better than the Minions. This one is not just a gift for kids but for anyone who has a sense of humour and likes to laugh. It is a great accessory to have around to keep you cheerful through the day.

Laughing Minions Mouse Pad

And last but not least is this mouse pad with vintage architecture and a boating theme, the perfect gift for art lovers. With a beautiful blend of soothing colours and artistic flair, this mouse pad is no less a home decor gift than any other. A sight for sore eyes, to keep you rejuvenated.

Vintage City And River Mouse Pad

Try out these cool and lovely mousepad gift ideas for a change. It makes for a great combination of practical gifting and infusing art and colour into your environment.

Beautiful Gifts For The Home

In the festive season the focus of gifting turns from individuals to more focus on gifts for the house. Our home is the place where one feels safe and lives with loved ones and hence giving practical and beautiful gifts for the home are an important part of nurturing our environment.

During festivals like Diwali, gifts that involve lighting and glowing items are very popular and truly light up the house in a unique way.

Exquisite Wall Lights Set

Planets Of Gold Personalised Name Plate

This golden colored nine tee light set is perfect decoration for your home. And the matching personalised nameplate with LED lights makes the perfect gift set.

Another pretty item for the home is this personalised personalised 3D lamp. It is perfect as a table top or wall hanging and will bring out the essence of your favourite picture with it’s mirage 3D effect.

Mirage Personalized 3D Effect Lamp

For a more religious and traditional gift this Goddess Lakshmi clock is a thoughtful gift item. Gift your grandparents or other family members with this traditional yet practical gift.

Wooden Laxmi Goddess Clock

A combination gift set of the personalised keychain that says Home Sweet Home and cushions with your choice of letters on them. Such name gifts or personalised gifts are a big hit with everyone.

Personalised Home Keychain
Personalised Letter Cushions

Another lovely festival season gift is this Gayatri Mantra wall hanging. It is the perfect addition to your home bringing a peaceful and calming effect to the whole family.

Gayatri Mantra Wall Hanging

The Bodhi Tree Stand Planter is a stunning piece of art. The multi-purpose showpiece can be used to hold a plant in water or it can double up as a candle stand. When used as a candle stand.

Bodhi Tree Stand Planter

Bring home some amazing gifts for the home for the upcoming festive occasions. Light up on Dusshera, beautify your walls for Durgo Pujo and spread peace, calm and happiness in Diwali to all near and dear ones.

Festivals and The Tradition of Gifting

Although in India there are festivals that are celebrated around the year, the months of October and November are extra special and have some of the most widely popular and auspicious festivals all over the country.

Ganesha Diya

Durga Pooja, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dusshera and Diwali are some festivals that are celebrated by all Indians no matter which part of the country they are from. These occasions have become more and more large scale and are a time for traditional festivities in a big way. Social gatherings, gifting family, new clothes, buying jewelry and having parties with themes around the festivals are very popular.

Tealight Candles 50 Pieces Gift Set

Sales of big items like home decor gifts, jewelry gifts and decorations for the festivals are topmost. And so is the expenditure on food. From gifting sweets for loved ones to hosting exotic and elaborate parties with exquisite food. Not only are the traditional mithai and laddoos a must, even chocolate gifts and food hampers have become a norm.

Classic Ganesha Thali

Despite the new age gift items like gadgets having made great inroads into the traditional gifting scene, one cannot do away with those typical Indian gift items that are a must for pujas and home gifts. As is happening increasingly, the gifts ideas have progressed to a fusion of the traditional and the modern.

Cool & Fun Badges For Everyone

Here’s a unique gift idea for special people on special occasions, Personalised Badges! These are a funky gift for all kinds of celebrations. As a gift for the kids at a birthday party, naughty badges for the all the girls at a bachelorette or to make your Mom & Dad feel on top of the world.

Personalised Hen Party Badges with names and dates to create fun memories forever.

Hen Party Badges Set Of 10

Badges for Team Bride and Badges For Team Groom, let the war begin!

Team Groom Badges Set Of Fifteen
Team Bride Badges Set Of Fifteen

The perfect gift for the Shopaholic in denial, it’s sure to make everyone laugh out loud.

Shopaholic Badge

A gift for the Best Mom & Best Dad, watch them wear these badges proudly.

Best Dad Badge
Best Mom Badge

Here’s a fun Dinosaur Name Badge for the kids, a great accessory for birthdays.

Kids Dinosaur Name Badge

A set of naughty badges will up the excitement at any hen party or a girls night out.

Bachelorette Party Badges Set

These badges are wonderful personalised gifts that make the person stand out or even as a fun gift for birthdays, wedding gifts and more. Names, pictures and other such personalisation add to the charm of this sweet little gift item that speaks volumes.

Wedding Traditions Around The World

What comes to mind when you think of a wedding, apart from the romance and the honeymoon?! The wonderful and beautiful traditions that go with it. Every country, culture and society has it’s traditions associated with wedding celebrations.

Starting with the sweet ones which tug at your heart at the love and romance they convey. In Philippines there is a tradition of releasing doves on the wedding day, a harbinger of peace and love. At some Korean ceremonies, wooden Mandarin ducks are mandatory as decoration as a symbol of a marriage that will last forever. And the candy confetti in Italy is a welcome tradition from children to adults.

Couple Photoshoot

Some of the odder wedding traditions include a mock abduction of the bride wherein the groom has to save her. This is prevalent in some areas of Europe. Stealing the shoes of the groom by the brides sisters in return for money is an Indian tradition. In Poland the guests can buy dances with the bride. While in some African cultures, the father of the bride spits on her head to ward off evil.

Team Bride Badges Set Of Fifteen
Team Groom Badges Set Of Fifteen

In other interesting traditions worldwide, the Dutch have a wishing tree for the guests where they can write and hang their good wishes for the couple. In Japan, it’s not just the bride and groom, families also bond over cups of sake, three cups to be precise. While in Germany newly weds saw a log together, signifying working on life problems together.

Couple Personalised Champagne Flutes

It is irrelevant whether you are religious, believe in cultureor not, or if rituals are your thing. When it comes to the enjoyment and entertainment part of these age old traditions everyone gives in and has fun.

Make Your Dear Ones Smile

Nothing can be a better gift than one that makes the recipient smile. Smiling is a very important function for any human as it makes the body fill with joy and creates more positivity and happiness.

While one can make others smile through their words and actions, on special occasions, amusing and funny gifts can also do the trick. It is also said that one see another person smile, they end up smiling too, that smiling is infectious. It would bear to follow that if one saw cute and cool gifts that actually had smiles on them too, the special person that you are gifting the item to will end up smiling for sure as well.

Smiley Color Changing Ring

This cute gift of the smiley ring is a perfect gift for young girls. Not only does it have a smile on top, it is also a color changing ring. A great way to boost your mood with a combination of colors and smiles.

Weekly Smiley Mug

This Weekly Smiley Mug is a funny gift for friends or can also be a gift for office colleagues who find it hard to get through their week of work. No matter what the emoji says on the gift mug, their faces will always have a smile ont hem whenever they look at it.

You Make Me Smile Bag Tag

A Luggage tag that says ‘You Make Me Smile’ will end up making them smile. This sweet tag is a wonderful birthday gift or a gift for your son or daughter or anyone who travels a lot in your family. The smile on the cat’s face will make them forget their travel woes.

Happy Birthday Smiley Mug

A mug that’s full of smiley faces, it cant get more smilier than that! It’s the best gift for birthdays or even as a return gift at your child’s birthday party for all their friends.

Laughing Dog Chew Toy

And who says animals don’t smile, and even if they don’t, you can fix it with this Laughing Dog Chew Toy. This is bound to make the owner laugh and that’s what makes the dog happy. So give this funny gift to dog owners and keep them smiling all day.

Unique Gifts For Daughters

Daughter’s Day is the chance for parents to indulge their daughters if they arent doing that already. Be it Daddy’s little girl or Mommy’s best friend, a daughter is the one that truly lights up her parent’s life. Get some amazing gifts for her on Daughter’s Day and celebrate the miracle that is your daughter!

Perfect Woman Gift Cards: Present her with this set of lovely cards that list down all her wonderful qualities.

Perfect Woman Gift Cards

Glitter Name Keyholder: A personalised gift in stylish glitter for the independent young lady your daughter has become.

Glitter Name Key Holder

Drama Queen Personalised Mug: If your sweet little daughter is a drama, celebrate it with this photo mug with her pic on it and a much deserved crown on her head.

Drama Queen Personalised Mug

Personalised Book (Alice In Wonderland): Which young girl does not the classic story of Alice in Wonderland! Get her name on this book’s cover as well as her name as the protagonist. She will love to see her picture on the cover.

Personalised Alice In Wonderland

Sterling Silver Name Necklace: A jewelry gift is always a hit whether it is a birthday gift, a graduation gift or wedding gift. All the more special if her name is in it.

Sterling Silver Name Necklace

Personalised File Folder: A great gift for her as she steps into college. Put her favourite pic on the top and make her day with this practical and cool gift idea.

Personalised File Folder

Personalised Hairbrush: A shiny golden hairbrush that’s exclusively her own, this high quality hairbrush will never leave your daughter’s side as it a must have accessory.

Personalised Hair Brush

Shopping Break Gift Voucher with a Shopaholic Badge: This one is for the ultimate shopper that your daughter might be. Let her go on a spree but make sure she has her badge on. A little humour goes a long way!

Shopping Break
Shopaholic Badge

Cement the parent daughter bond on this special day with fun, love and a great collection of unique gift items. Make this Daughter’s Day more fun and endearing!

Funny Gift Ideas For Friends

The best part of friends is that they usually share your sense of humour. In such a case gifting friends can be a fun experience from the usual routine one. Don’t just pick out any gift for a friend, don’t get emotional. Instead be cheeky and have a laugh with them with these hilarious fun gift ideas.

Joking with friends is always fun and making fun of each other even funnier. This combination set of a mug and fridge magnet that say ‘pran jaaye par wajan na jaye’ is a great bonding line between friends.

Pran Jaye Par Wajan Naa Jaye Magnet
Wajan Naa Jaye Mug

A smart and quirky gift mug for the friends who act smart! This cool gift could act both as praise as well as a jibe which is how friends love it.

Think Outside The Box Mug

This set of personalised socks that scream out for a cup of coffee are for those bossy coffee drinkers in your group.

Personalised Socks

What do friends do best, give free unwanted advice! So these poster gifts that give out free advice are what will be the perfect gift for friends.

Great Friends Offer Beer Framed Print
Free Advice Poster

This hilarious and naughty banana bottle stopper is for your quirky friends. Make them roll over with laughter as a birthday gift or fun at parties.

Mr Banana Bottle Stopper

Last but not least, this personalised t shirt gives you a free hand to put any text you want on top. Dig deep into what would embarrass your best friend and have it printed on this special gift.

Personalised Tshirt

The mark of a true friend is that they never get upset with you even if you make fun of them but instead join in the fun. So get your friend a cool and humorous gift for their birthday or even just to cheer them up and hope they return the favour someday.

A Treat For Harry Potter Fans

Movies and books on magic and mythical creatures has always caught the fancy of children and adults alike. We all get swept up in the fantasy world of goblins, elves, fairies and more. For some this dreamworld even becomes a passion. The true fanatic fans want to surround themselves with any paraphernalia that has to do with their favourite characters, stories, movies etc.

One such truly amazing and famous franchise is that of Harry Potter. The Potter fans are innumerable and all across the globe. And it’s not hard to please them as anything to with Harry Potter would be the best gift or experience for them.

Harry Potter Fan Art Mug

From the books themselves to the numerous movies based on them, one can also decorate the house with Harry Potter items and art work. And not just home decor, there are many useful things like mugs and t shirts that a Potter fan can own proudly.

Harry Potter Mysterious Wand Magic Mug

Notebooks, magic wands, his hat and cape, the list is endless and so are the options to buy them from. There are many online gift stores that sell these things and also dedicated ones with only Harry Potter items.

Harry Potters Marauders Map Magic Mug

So if you ever want to please a fan of Harry Potter, you know what to do. Be it their birthday or any other special occasion you have a multitude of Harry Potter gifts to choose from. Thus making their passion a joy and their lives more adventurous and magical.