Personalised Chocolate Gifts

Chocolates are an evergreen gift item that suit any and every occasion. And if they are personalised chocolates, the special gift becomes extra special. You can give delicious chocolates to family and friends that carry pictures and personal messages.

Personalised Photo Chocolate

Blue Personalised Photo Chocolate

Friends Personalised Chocolate

Friends Personalised Chocolate
Friends Forever Personalised Chocolate

Flowers Personalised Photo Chocolate

Flowers Personalised Photo Chocolate

Diwali Personalised Chocolates

Diwali Personalised Chocolate
Diwali Lights Personalised Chocolate

New Year Personalised Chocolate

New Year Personalised Chocolate

Sorry & Thank You Personalised Chocolates

Thank You Personalised Chocolate
Sorry Personalised Chocolate

Romantic Personalised Chocolates

Hearts Personalised Chocolate

These amazing personalised chocolates cover a range of emotions and occasions and can be given to anyone as per the message or need. A beautiful way to convey your feelings with a sweet and delicious chocolate!

Minimal And Positive Home Decor

How one decorates their home depends on the owner’s personality more than anything else. While some people like to fill up every nook and corner with beautiful collectables and decoration items, some people like to stick to a bare minimum to bring out the essence of each decorative piece.

First Meeting Framed Memento

At times the minimalist decor is driven more from a desire to de-clutter life rather than as an art. But it is possible to combine the two and strike a balance rather than just let go of all decor in your house. And this is good not just for how your home looks but also how you feel.

Give empty spaces more focus for a change rather than just thinking of filling them up. Look at your walls and the colour they are painted in. What goes up on the wall can enhance the clear looking wall itself.

Good Vibes Only - Wall Hanging

Decorations pieces are not to be avoided but chosen carefully. Most of us end up filling up our shelves and mantelpieces. A frugal distribution and also utilisation of floor space can be considered when placing the objects. Also when choosing what you put up on your walls or shelves, try to ensure that they give out positive vibes.

Play around with the colors of the fabric of the sofas, cushions and curtains to brighten up the room instead of resorting to paintings, vases and other items. This will also help liven your own energy up.

Personalised Letter Cushions

Minimalist and positive decor is a must have balance in any home as it has many benefits and creates a motivating and happy aura around the house.

Cool Clock Gifts

Just like time itself, an evergreen gift is a clock. With the many options and variety that are available, clocks are a timeless gift for any occasion.

1. Romantic Clocks: Great personalised gifts for anniversaries, Valentines Day or any other romantic event.

Blue Personalised Clock
Clock Of Love

2. Friends Photo Clock: Give your bestie this cool clock with your best pic with him or her. This could be a birthday gift or a friendship day gift as well.

Friends Photo Clock

3. Dad Clock and Brother Clock: These personalised clocks make great family gifts for your father or brother.

Dad Personalised Clock
Brothers Personalised Clock

4. Reasons Why I Love You Clock: One does not need a reason to express love but this clock helps you say things you normally cant o your partner. A sweet gift for couples.

Reasons Why I Love You Clock

5. The Round and Square Clock: A lovely idea for a home decor gift. It can be given as a housewarming gift or also for yourself to decorate your home with your favourite pics on it.

Personalised Square Framed Clock

Round Personalised Wooden Clock

Gifts For Kids Birthdays

Nothing excites children as much as their birthdays. They start looking forward to it way before D Day arrives. They have many desires and expectations for how their birthday should be celebrated and what gifts they want. Parents need to be on their toes if they want to get it just right.

An clown surprise is one entertainment that will always be a hit with the kids. Get a laugh riot going with this clown experience gift for your child’s birthday party.

Clown Surprise

Get these cute dinosaur badges for all the kids who are invited and watch them strut around with personalised badges with their dino names on them. They will surely wear them with pride.

Kids Dinosaur Name Badge

A personalised birthday set will please your kid no end as part of the goodies he/she gets on their special day. With a sipper bottle with their name on it, a notebook and a delicious chocolate they will be ready to start their day with a smile.

Kids Birthday Personalised Gift Set

Some cute gift ideas in addition to the above are these glow in the dark turtles and the tooth shaped toothbrush holder. Your kid will love having these quirky gifts in his/her room.

Toothbrush Holder
Turtle LED Light

A birthday is incomplete without return gifts. The birthday boy or girl gets equal pleasure seeing their friends get gifts as much as themselves. This colorful pencil box with the kid’s name on it is a lovely gift for any child and a useful gift too.

Name Pencils Pouch

Birthday mugs or personalised mugs are another gift idea for your child’s friends to take home.

Happy Birthday Smiley Mug
Zoo Mug With Name

A great birthday package would be one that ticks all the boxes, the birthday gifts, the entertainment, the return gifts and of course the cake. So get your goodies together and plan out your kid’s birthday with these cool gift ideas for your child and their friends and it’s sure to be a big hit!

The Art of Gifting Jewelry

Ornaments and jewelry have been a mainstay in every culture across the world as an important part of gifting. It is a primary gift item when it comes to weddings, romantic events or even as birthday gifts. It is definitely more popular as a gift for women but over time it has fast become a very lucrative gift for men as well as designers have now come up with jewelry that suits male needs.

Initials Personalised Silver Ring

The thing that is most amazing about jewelry pieces as gifts for any occasion is the fact that a lot of thought goes into it thus making it highly personalised. Jewelry has a lot of symbolism associated with it, as do specific gem stones and precious metal.

Rings for weddings, necklaces for anniversaries and bracelets for Valentine’s Day, these are only some of the occasions that are perfect for gifting jewelry. For birthdays also one can choose specific precious stones like garnet, emerald or pearl depending on what is best for their date. Personalised jewelry is another big favourite that is highly appreciated.

Peacock Turquoise Necklace

Not only is it a great gift idea, jewelry is also a great investment hence it has both sentimental and emotional value. It can be given to a person of any age and it would not only bring joy to them but also be of use to them in a different way.

Photo Band Bracelet

The variety one can get in jewelry items makes it a lot easier for one to choose the perfect gift for their loved ones. Also the time, planning and effort that goes into choosing a jewelry gift item makes it an extra special and timeless gift. So consider the idea of gifting trinkets to commemorate important milestones this year and spread the love with these luxurious items.

Sexy Gifts For Naughty Couples

Is your anniversary coming up and you want to a surprise gift for your partner or is it your sweetheart’s birthday and you want to make it specially romantic? Here are some romantic gift ideas to jazz things up in the bedroom.

Exotic Blindfold & Handcuffs set

Exotic Blindfold And Handcuffs Set

This stylish and sexy set of blindfold and handcuffs of satin and ribbons is a great accessory to spice up the action in your bedroom. A wonderful gift for couples or your special one romantic occasions.

Mini Bell Ring For Sex/Love Keychain

Ring For Love Mini Bell
Mini Ring For Sex Keychain

This mini keychain is a naughty gift for your husband, wife or partner. Give them a free hand to summon you for any desire they might be craving. A great anniversary gift idea.

Wedding Night Sex Manual

Wedding Night Sex Manual

Embarrass your friends who are getting married by giving this manual as a wedding gift for their wedding night. Watch them blush with this unique gift for newly weds. This is also a great laugh riot for hen parties.

Glow In The Dark & Kamasutra Dice

Glow In The Dark Love Dice
Kama Sutra Dice Set

Get these adult game dice sets to have some fun in the sheets. These quirky gifts are a cool way to notch up intimate sessions with your partner.

Naughty Affair Love Set

Naughty Affair Love Set

Spice up the kinkiness in the bedroom with this naughty set that contains a blind-fold, a feather stick and an adult activity dice. Ideal gift for couples on birthdays or anniversaries or just to spice up a weekend.