Personalised Gifts For Teachers

We all have fond memories of our time in school. many teachers have impacted our path of knowledge in many ways. Some motivated us, some sparked curiosity in us and some opened the doors of wisdom in ways that we will never forget.

Even though teachers are feared while we are at school, in later years we all realise their value and importance. And we truly are able to appreciate their contribution to our growth and success.

This wonderful gift mug for your favorite teacher makes a lovely memento for him or her! The print on the mug reads: Dear Teacher, Thanks for taking our hand, Opening our minds & touching our hearts. 

Dear Teacher Mug

A lovely personalised gift for teachers, this mug is perfect for the teachers who’ve helped you grow through the years . With their name on it, it’s sure to put a big smile on their face. Hand it over on Teachers’ Day or anytime to acknowledge their contribution to your life. 

Teachers Thank You Personalised Mug

East or West, my teacher is the best! Which teacher would not love to hear this from their students! This is what makes this great mug gift perfect for Teachers Day as it says ‘Worlds Best teacher’. You can expect this to be a permanent fixture on his/her table.

Worlds Best Teacher Mug

Teachers are the ones that lay the foundation to our educational and career paths ahead. It is important to value and recognise their contribution and let them know the part they played. So this Teachers Day make sure you make them feel special by giving them wonderful gifts and celebrating with them in the special way they truly deserve.

Special Heart Shaped Gifts For Sweethearts

The symbol for anything to do with romance or love is the heart. It is the eternal depiction of romantic feelings and expressions of love. So what could make a better romantic gift than one that incorporates the shape of a heart.

This personalised compact mirror in the heart shape carries your favourite pic with your partner.

Personalised Heart Compact Mirror

The ‘I Love You’ candle is a beautiful gift that glows when you light it up. In addition it is also a pretty gift for the home.

I Love You Candle
I Love You Candle

Solve this heart-shaped jigsaw puzzle to reveal your picture! This romantic is a smart and fun gift.

Heart Jigsaw Puzzle

Get these exquisite glass photo frames for your love with sweet pink floating hearts. A great anniversary or Valentine gift.

Floating Hearts Personalised Glass Frame
Double Hearts Personalised Frame

Capture your favorite memories in this romantic glass frame gift. A thoughtful gift for her or him on your special day.

Photo Glass Heart

The hearts and flowers clock gift is a wonderful couple gift. It is a very useful gift as well that is also a personalised gift.

Hearts And Flowers Clock

These heart shaped items are perfect gifts for anniversaries but also make great wedding gifts, valentine gifts or just a sweet gift to woo your sweetheart!

Smart Gifts For Your Favourite Teachers

Show your respect and appreciation for your favourite teachers this Teachers Day with these smart and useful gifts for teachers.

1. A beautiful personalised watch box

Personalised Watch Box

This enchanting and high quality watch box is a classy and personalised gift option that you can present to your teachers. Their name on it makes it extra special.

2. Notepad and Chequebook Holder Combo Gift

Compact Leather Notepad With Name
Personalised Cheque Book Holder

A set that has a personalised notepad and cheque holder makes a wonderful gift idea for Teachers Day. You can have your teachers’ names printed on the top in stylised form that make it look elegant and beautiful.

3. Smartphone Sticky Notepad

Smartphone Sticky Notepad

If you ever had that teacher who had a sense of humour, this fun gift is a great idea to make them smile. It is also a useful gift for them.

4. Engraved Visiting Card Holders

Engraved Wooden Visiting Card Holder
Engraved Visiting Card Holder Dark

These lovely visiting card holders are personalised with names on them, making them a thoughtful gift.

5. Personalised Metal Wallet Card

Personalised Metal Wallet Card

Give your teacher this unique gift that has their photo on top. A must have accessory and also a great gift idea.

6. Name Certificate with Frame

Personalised Certificate With Frame

Now it’s time for you to award your favourite teacher with a certificate that says he/she is the best teacher you ever had. This personalised certificate will have their name on it and a message to go along, An excellent memento gift.

Fun Mug Set Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Mugs are a popular gift item with everyone as they suit all ages, relationships and occasions. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or the marking of a milestone, mugs are a cool gift idea.

What makes gifting mugs even more interesting is mug sets, based on some theme or personalised mug sets are a fun gift item for couples of all types.

Starting with this special mug set for the most special people in your life, your grandparents. Give these mugs for NanaNani or Dada-Dadi and make their day.

Nana Nani Mugs Set Of Two
Dada Dadi Mugs Set Of Two

Get a romantic gift set of these beautiful mugs with hearts on them, the evergreen symbol of love. A great anniversary gift for your wife or husband or even to celebrate a sweetheart’s birthday with a love gift.

Hubby Wifey Mugs Set Of Two
Personalised Love Heart Mug Set

In another gift idea for relatives, here’s a mug set for your dear Bhaiyya and Bhabhi. Show your affection and love for them with this sweet gift item.

Bhai Bhabhi Mugs Set Of Two

Anniversary gift sets are and ideal couple gift those celebrating milestones in their marriage. With numbered options or witty writing, these mug sets are a romantic gift.

Tenth Anniversary Mugs Set
Mr And Mrs Personalised Mug Set

Here’s a funny gift of four mugs that proclaim your mug is full of either gusse wali chai or pyaar wali chai. See what comes in your hand!

Gusse Wali Pyar Wali Chai Cups Set Of Four

And last but not least, cool gifts for another relative set, Mom and Dad or brother and sister. Great gift for parents and also a cool gift idea for siblings. These mugs are great to make your Mom & Dad happy or as Rakhi gift for brothers & sisters.

Bhai Behen Mugs Set Of Two
Mummy Papa Cute Birdie Mug Set Of Two

From this wide range of different types of mug sets for siblings, grandparents or couples, you can choose what suits you best. This awesome gift will make the recipient laugh with joy and that’s the objective of gift giving anyway!

Teachers Day In India

India has a long history of how important teacher and student relationships are considered. Starting from the Guru-Shishya tradition in the Vedic ages to the modern day teacher student dynamics. Although the methods of teaching and the content of what is taught has changed over so many ages what has not changed is how teachers are considered worthy of respect, admiration and love.


Teachers Day is celebrated in India on 5th of September. This is the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who was a teacher, politician and author. He was also the second Poresident of India and is also decorated with the Bharat Ratna.

He had been an outstanding student throughout his life and continued being an ardent advocate of education. When people wanted to honour him on his birthday he preferred to have it celebrated as Teachers Day instead as he understood the value of teachers in a society.

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan: Former Indian president an ...

The tradition continues till date and schools celebrate this occasion with much enthusiasm. Students give their teachers gifts and organise special programmes to honour them. In some schools, senior students play the role of teachers to the juniors, showing their appreciation for the responsibility that teachers shoulder.

It is very important to bring out the need to have this day so that students understand the efforts put in by the teachers to give them a great education and thus treat them with the respect they deserve. Teachers Day celebrations all across the country are marked with joy and happiness.

Teachers Day Chocolate

Adventurous Gift Experiences for Friendship Day

Friends are there for sharing our worries with, they are the ones who help us through thick and thin and make us laugh when we are low. But the greatest things about having friends is the fun you have with them when you hang out together. Doing fun activities with friends takes the fun element to another level altotgether.

On Friendship Day it would be a great idea to plan a day out with your friends with some fun and adventurous activities. Many such adventure experiences are out there and the best part is that these gift experiences can be researched and booked online itself making it extremely easy for you.

A simple Go Kart adventure can turn out super exciting when you’re racing around with friends.

Go Kart Adventure

Be the wind beneath their wings in a different way! Gift friends a Flyboy Paramotoring experience, soar in the skies with your bestie.

Flyboy Paramotoring

Drive a Formula 1 car, and adrenaline pumping experience for your racing fan friend. A lifetime memory activity.

Drive A Formula 1 Car

Flying Fox fun sport activity is something you can do as a friend group. treat yourselves on Friendship Day as a day of outing together, flying in the air.

Flying Fox Aerial Adventure

Another extreme flying experience is right there in the cockpit of Cessna 172 R. One of the coolest gift for friends who are aviation geeks.

Cockpit Flying Experience

And last but not least something for those who seek the fun and adventure indoors, the XBOX gaming experience.

Gaming Experience

You could either plan this get together as a surprise gift for friendship day for your friends or get together with them and hatch things out, as planning with friends is an equally fun activity. So have fun with friends before, during and after a great adventure activity together for a wonderful Friendship Day celebration.

Top Ten Rakhi Gifts For Sisters

Rakshabandhan is the most important festival for brothers and sisters in India. A time when the family gets together and celebrates with sweets, food and gifts. Sisters tie rakhis to their brothers and brothers gift sisters with beautiful and amazing gift items.

Top 10 wonderful gift ideas for sisters are:

1. Photo Wallet For Women

Photo Wallet For Women

2. Favourite Cushion

Favourite Cushion

3. Most Awesome Sister Mirror Card

Most Awesome Sister Mirror Card

4. Special Sister Sipper Bottle

Special Sister Sipper Bottle

5. Lifestyle Shopping Pack Gift Voucher

Lifestyle Shopping Pack

6. Nicest Sister Message Gift Box

Nicest Sister Message Box

7. Personalised Jewelry Box

White Personalised Jewelry Box

8. Personalised Luggage/Travel Tag

Personalised Tag

9. Aromatic Body Bliss Massage Gift

Aromatique Body Bliss Massage

10. Best Sister Cards Gift Set

Best Sister Cards Gift Set

If you’re a brother looking for that perfect gift for your sister, look no further. Pick a gift item from the list above or make a gift hamper for her. Share the love with something special this Rakhi festival.

How To Be A Good Friend

It is very rare that someone does not have a friend. Most friendships happen naturally when people who are similar or who connect in some way form a bond. These friendship bonds could last a life time or for short periods. But when we talk about good friends or best friends, usually these friendships are the ones that last a lifetime.

True Friends Personalised Framed Print

Although friendship is based on some natural connect, the relationship has to be worked on. Even friends have to nurture and work on their bonds at times. We see friends break ties at times or drift away despite not wanting to and this is a result of not putting in some effort or making some mistakes that can be avoided.

Like any other relationship even a friendship can involve things to be careful about and to do in order to keep it healthy and loving.

– Be a good listener. Friendships arent all about fun and play. You should be able to lend a shoulder to your friend in time of need.
– Be yourself, do not pretend to impress your friends. Honesty keeps things real and trustworthy.
– Watch out for them, do not hesitate from stopping them from getting into trouble.
– Accept them for who they are. Do not try to change them for your benefit.
– Always check in on friends and gauge their moods so that you don’t miss anything that may be wrong
– Understand and respect boundaries, best friends don’t have to be together all the time
– Never give up on true friends

Friends Fan Art Mug

Try to work on the tips given above and see if this makes your bonds with friends stronger, it is definitely worth a try. This Friendship Day be the friends you would like to have. Celebrate together, exchange gifts, have fun and make sure you are there for your friends always!

Beautiful and Unique Rakhis For Your Brother

The most important part of Rakshabandhan apart from the brother-sister expression of love is the Rakhi itself. The sacred thread that bonds the siblings forever. Make sure you get the best Rakhi for your brother this year.

Bhai or Best Bhai Engraved Rakhi

Best Bhai Engraved Rakhi With Card
Bhai Engraved Rakhi With Card

Engraved Photo Rakhi & Engraved Personalised Rakhi

Engraved Photo Rakhi
Engraved Name Rakhi

Personalised Photo Rakhi

Personalised Photo Rakhi

Personalised Name Rakhi

Personalised Name Rakhi
Personalised Name Rakhi

Rakshabandhan Chocolate & Rakhi or Mug & Rakhi

Rakshabandhan Mug With Rakhi
Rakshabandhan Chocolate And Rakhi

The sweets or Rakhi gifts can be a notch high or low but there can be no compromise on the Rakhi you gift your brother!


Low Budget Gifts For Friends

So Friendship Day is nearly here and you want to surprise all your friends with cool gifts to show them how important they are to you! But what if you are one of those popular people and have too many friends? Buying gifts for everyone could burn a hole in your pocket.Here are some wonderful gift ideas that make awesome gifts but will not cost you a bomb either.

1. An hour glass, brass telescope or compass keychain. These antique gift items look classy for a minimal price.

Brass Telescope Keychain
Brass Hourglass Keychain

2. A personalised chocolate with a wrapper that has your very own message is a sweet gift ifdea.

Friends Personalised Chocolate

3. The Girl Power Badge and Compact Mirror for your girlfriends are perfect knick knacks for Friendhsip Day gifting.

Girl Power Badge
Girl Power Compact Mirror

4. An ingenious and useful gift is this Credit Card Pocket Knife. A cool must have in your friend’s bag.

Credit Card Knife

5. Personalised Luggage Tags are also a useful gift for those friends who cant stop holidaying.

Not Your Bag Name Tag
Legend Luggage Tag

6. Anything to do with Minions is always a great gift! This cute Minions Cord Wire Wrap or the Minions LED Keychain will make your friends smile.

Minions LED Keychain
Minions Cord Wire Wrap

7. These Colorful Bottle Keychains are a great gift for every member of the friends group.

Cute Bottle Keychain

8. The Buri Nazar Mug is a necessary gift to protect your precious friendships from the evil eye and to have a good laugh with your friends on the humorous gift item.

Buri Nazar Mug
Buri Nazar Mug

These unique and fun gifts are of high quality within the price range that would work for anyone. So don’t worry about not being able to get Friendship Day gifts for all your friends, with these exciting and affordable gift ideas, you can now make everyone happy!