Quirky Earrings As Jewelry Gifts

Spice up your accessory collection or make someone’s day with some cool and quirky gift ideas for earrings. While accessories usually blend with the clothes we wear, sometimes we could use them in a way that jazzes up the whole outfit, even becoming the show stealers.

1. Try out these cool LED Earrings. A funky accessory that’s going to turn heads in any party! These colored earrings are cool gifts that can be switched on or off depending on your mood and can easily be put on to your ears. 

LED Earrings

2. Here’s one to make you laugh, the Beer Bottle Earrings. Light and quirky these beer bottle shaped accessories are a cool addition to your wardrobe and sure to make heads turn. A funny gift for beer lovers!

Beer Bottle Earrings

  3. Personalised gifts are always appreciated by everyone as they give an emotional touch to the gift. These creative Photo Earrings are an off beat gift for girls that carry things off in style. This personalised set of earrings has a funky twist – artificial flowers beautifully crafted into earrings with your photo on them.

Pink Flowers Photo Earrings Set

4. Owl jewelry has been in vogue for a while and will continue to be. If gifting jewelry is what you want to do for your woman, the Funky Owl Earrings are a safe bet. These cool turquoise owl earrings make neat little gifts and are smart casual day wear.

Funky Owl Earrings

Add a little zing to your collection or surprise your best friend, girlfriend, mom or sister with these unique jewelry ideas, perfect for gifting on any occasion!

Things That Help You Say Sorry

We all make mistakes and end up hurting our near and dear ones. But all it takes to set things right is a heartfelt apology. Some of us find it hard to say the word sorry while some can easily say it to anyone, any number of times. What matters more than the word itself is your feeling behind it and if you really mean it. Make your apology genuine and special and make up for whatever trouble you may have caused with these simple and sweet gifts.

Be it your sweetheart, best friend or brother, this cute personalised gift doll with your smiling face on it will surely cheer them up. It would even be better if you had a cute but apologetic look on your face, so put in some effort into that one!

3D Soft Doll

Flatter the ones you may have offended with harsh words by making them feel extra special with this poster. Show them you really believe what’s written, reinforce it with you behaviour. Or if humour is your thing, try out this cool mug that proclaims your loved one as great.

Amazing Brave And Strong Poster
Boss Tussi Great Ho Mug

You could also keep it sweet and subtle with this cute magnet that asks for a hug and conveys your desire to be forgiven. A straightforward and simple gift for family and friends.

Favorite Place Is Your Hug Magnet

An assortment of gift items that express your love can also be another way to show that you are sorry and that you really love them.

I Fucking Love You Mug
I Promise I Will Love You Mug

And last but not least, nothing says sorry like the word sorry! Give this sweet chocolate that actually has the word SORRY written on it and your very own personalised message to clear the air!

Sorry Personalised Chocolate

Kitchen Gifts to Make Cooking More Fun

The master chef of the house is the one who keeps your food cravings satisfied and enjoys every moment of it. It could be your mother, your husband, sister or child, the point is that they do it out of love for you and their passion for cooking. It’s time you give back the love by giving them gifts that would make their toils in the kitchen well worth it.

Personalised Oven Glove

A basic gift idea to make their cooking time pleasant in the kitchen is this bluetooth speaker that will play their favourite music and keep them entertained. Install it in the kitchen when they are not around and make it a surprise gift by playing their choice of music as they enter.

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

You could also encourage their passion with these personalised aprons and chef hats with their names on them. These personalised gifts are bound to keep them smiling as they prepare to amaze you with their food.

Personal Chef Name Apron For Him
Chef Hat With Name

Declare the kitchen as their zone by hanging this cute and funny plaque that cements their culinary skills for ever. A great kitchen gift for moms who have traditionally owned the cooking area. It’s a beautiful idea for Mothers day or or any festive occasion.

Mummys Dhaba Wooden Plaque

Another gift idea for the chef is to get kitchen tools with their names on them. This would make a great change from the mundane looking kitchen equipment they use on a daily basis. Gifts with names are a wonderful idea.

Personalised Chopping Board
Personalised Rolling Pin

Make the whole environment around the kitchen that of fun and love rather than hard work and the dishes are bound to come out ten times tastier. It does not have to be a birthday gift or an anniversary gift, you can bring a smile to their face at any time. A collection of such fun gifts are more an expression of your appreciation rather than a cooking aid but definitely an essential ingredient.

A Simple Gift That Works For All

Here’s a really simple gift idea that works for everyone and every occasion, keychains. Everybody has them and everybody needs them. They are useful and also fit right into your budget.

Some great keychain gifts ideas are:

1. Photo Keychains

Selfie Keychain
Personalised Metal Keychain

2. Quirky Keychains

Cute Bottle Keychain
Sound And Light Camera Keychain

3. Funny Keychains

Batman LED Keychain
Egg Laying Chicken Keychain

4. His and Her Keychains

His Queen Her King Keychains Set
King And Queen Keychain Set

5. Romantic Keychains

Love Photo Keychain
Love LED Color Changing Keychain

6. Name Keychains

Personalised Name Keychain

7. Keychains with a message

Drive Safe Keychain
Moon And Back Keychain

Books Are Evergreen Gifts

There are many gifts that never go out of fashion, like flowers and chocolates. There is another gift item that falls into this category, BOOKS! It is so easy with book lovers to figure out what to give to them as a birthday gift or anniversary gift or any other occasion. The hard part would probably be which type of book to get and what are the chances that they haven’t read it before.


But with the huge ocean of books available out there, it’s a problem easily solved. What is more interesting is how to make the book gift more exciting than it sounds. One gift idea that is very popular is personalised books. Old or new stories can be captured with the person’s name placed in the book as one of the characters. A romantic gift could be having the classic Romeo and Juliet in the name of you and your partner. Another idea is a personalised book as a gift for children with them as the protagonist going on adventures. A great birthday gift that would be lots of fun to read.

Personalised Story Book
Romeo And Juliet Tribute Book

Apart from the novels and personalised books once can also look at book accessories to enhance the reading experience. There are many gadgets available online that are specifically meant for reading books. Like cool reading glasses to help lazy reading while lying down or a book light for night reading. Along with the book or separately, these are also great gift ideas and useful gifts.

Tiny Clip Booklight
Lazy Readers

Another accessory that every book reader needs is a bookmark, hence a personalised bookmark or a funny and funky one also make interesting gifts for book lovers.

Help Me Bookmark
Photo Bookmark

Last but not least, nothing can beat the reading experience and nobody knows best what to read than the person who is yearning for their next book. And that is what makes a book voucher gift a brilliant idea for someone who lives for books. They can decide what to buy as per their choice and when they want. And it also takes the trouble of finding out which book to gift off your shoulders. A win- win situation for all!

The Top Benefits of Corporate Gifting

When it comes to gifting the first thought that comes to mind is of giving gifts to our family and friends. Seldom do we associate the act of gifting with business. The emotional component of giving gifts outweighs certain practical benefits. But one must realise that gifting encompasses not just our close relationships but also the society as a whole and also includes our businesses, clients and customers.

Bodhi Tree Stand Planter

Clients play the most important role in any business. And they are people too, and simply put, people love receiving gifts! This results in improved relationships with them, either existing or prospective.

Corporate gifts can also act as advertisement for your brand, creating more awareness. Company logos, names and pictures can be put on personalised gifts. The more your name goes out there, the more the chances of people knowing more about your business and hence good prospective sales leads.

Glowing Name Personalised Pen
Smartphone Sticky Notepad

There is a range of gifts that can be given to business clients. They could be big items that focus more on monetary value and worth. But they could also be small gifts ideas like stationary items, decorative items or personalised and useful gifts.

Personalised Canvas Wallet
Name Notebook

Corporate gifting is a great business strategy that covers areas like brand awareness, marketing and sales on one hand. And on the other, gifts for clients show that you cherish and value the relationships you have built with the clients over time and thus resulting in brand loyalty as well.

Make A Portrait From Your favourite Pic

The digitisation of photographs has given us a huge collection of amazing pictures which can be modified with many filters available in many apps. This gives us beautiful pics in different modes and looks.

Oil Solo Portrait

Another way to make your photographs interesting in a unique way is by converting them to portraits or sketches. A portrait version of your favourite picture can also make a wonderful gift for special people in your life.

Charcoal Portrait
Couple Charcoal Portrait

There are many different types of portraits that can be made, like watercolor, oil paints, charcoal, pencil colors etc. Each medium gives a unique look to the pic.

Handmade Pencil Colors Portrait

Portrait gifts are a great idea as they suit any occasion. They are lovely as birthday gifts, anniversary gifts or even house warming gifts.

Poetry on Canvas
Watercolor Solo Portrait

The most interesting feature about this amazing gift idea is that these portraits are hand made by professionals which gives them a thoughtful touch. Portraits are a great way to make your favourite pictures come alive in a unique way and also as evergreen gifts for special occasions.