Laugh And Make Others Laugh on World Laughter Day!

We have always been told that it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown. Whether that really is true or not doesn’t matter, the bottom line its that we should really smile more often as it is not just good for our own health but also those around us. Yes, smiling can truly be infectious.

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On World Laughter Day, we can pull ourselves out of our negative thoughts and make it a point to turn that frown upside down. This day is celebrated on the first Sunday of may across the world and is celebrated in many different ways across countries. While a larger goal for people is world peace, harmony and loving co-existence, at an individual level people take out time and thoughts this day to make their friends and family feel good and have a laugh together.

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Some people participate in events that are centred around positivity and fun, like yoga camps, music concerts and even comedy shows, some people opt for simpler celebrations. They give each other gifts that they know will make them smile. Or simply go out for a fun evening doing skating, bowling or karaoke just to have a laugh together as a family or group of friends.

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As the world gets more complicated and people undergo stress and tension on many fronts, days like these become more and more important. Although it is obvious that one should be laughing everyday, one gets trapped in daily routine and responsibilities. Hence setting a day aside as World Laughter Day reminds us that we need to be more positive and happy and helps us regain that balance that is needed in life. Thus setting the pace for the rest of the year. So keep smiling, no matter how many muscles it takes!

Funky Personalised Gadget Gifts

Gadget gifts are a cool gift idea in itself but when personalised, they go to another level of fun gifting. There are many personalised gift options available online, following are some that work for all genders, ages etc

1. The Rotating Personalised Pen Stand

Rotating Personalised Pen Stand

2. Personalised Engraved Airpods Case

Personalised Engraved Airpods Case

3. Harmony Lamp With Speaker Charger, Clock and Picture

Harmony Lamp With Speaker Charger And Clock

4. Heart Shaped Personalised Night Lamp

Heart Shape Personalised Night Lamp

5. Wooden Personalised Pen Drive

Wooden Personalised Pen Drive

Gadgets is a great option as gifts for men or as gifts for girls if they have that inclination. So make sure you gift your boyfriend or choose a gadget as a gift for girlfriend only when you know it will be appreciated. And also try to make certain that it is a different gift from what they may already have.

Celebrating At Home With DIY Decorations

When we are all trying our best to stay safe at home, celebrating special occasions can be a bit hard with no access to party accessories. This is when we can all tap into our creative talent and skills and make our own decorations at home. Whatever the outcome, it is always the thought that counts.

1. Use that printer to max, take print outs of photographs and put them on your walls to bring back fond memories. you could also paste them boxes and other items for a unique look.

Glass Personalised Frame

2. Light up the house creatively by strategically placing bulbs and lamps. Make use of wooden items, planters and boxes with cut outs. Don’t forget those lights from Diwali or Christmas, hang them around the house and light up all nooks and corners.

Mothers Nest Personalised Lamp

3. A green way to decorate is to get all your plants indoors, only for a day! Arrange them around the area where the party will take place and make it look like you are celebrating in the natural outdoors with lots of green around.

Message On A Rose

4. If you have kids in the house there will be no dearth of paint and glitter. Get your old mugs out and paint them all over, stick on the glitter and paint names to make them for everyone at home. If you are adventurous, the paint and glitter could go on the furniture as well to liven things up.

Thank You Mug

5. Old clothes are also a very handy item to make gifts and decorations. Cut them into strips, hand them on fans and doors. Make patches and sew them into quilts or cushion covers. Make colorful and funky drapes out of them. There is so much you can do with shiny and bright fabric.

Baby Photo Quilt Cover

It is important that we stay indoors in these difficult times but it is equally important that we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and all occasions to keep expressing the feeling of love and making sure everyone is in good spirits. So dont let the lockdown bring down you enthusiasm and creativity.

Make Up Accessories Gift Set

Apart from diamonds, make up is a girl’s best friend! Looking good is not just about fashion, it is known to be a mood booster as well. It is a great way to not just look good but feel good as well.

1. Make Up Pouches are a very useful gift for those who have a variety of lipsticks, nail paints etc. They are easy to carry everything in one place, just drop it in your bag, backpack or suitcase and you are ready to go. Many personalised pouches are also available as gift options online or in stores.

Fabulous Personalised Makeup Pouch
Personalised Glitter Pouches Set

2. A beauty parlour is not always round the corner, so this cute little Manicure Kit is a great gift for those who are particular about neat n clean hands. Put their name on it for that personal touch and give this personalised gift on birthdays or any other occasion.

Manicure Kit With Name

3. Compact Mirrors are basic essentials when it comes to make up accessories. One just has to have one in their bags. These lovely compact mirrors with special messages on them are great gift ideas for girls.

Nicest Sister Compact Mirror
You Are Strong Compact Mirror

4. A woman’s hair is her true crown! This beautiful Engraved Hairbrush is a perfect addition to the gift set. A make up accessory that one cannot do without.

Engraved Wooden Oval Brush

5. Wrap up the make up accessory gift hamper with this gorgeous jewelry box for her beautiful collection. The look would be incomplete without these accessories.

Compact Jewellery Box

Be it for work, college, parties, holidays or even just when at home, these make up accessories are a very handy gift for women who like to look and feel good.

Pocket Watches: Classic & Cool Gifts

The history of pocket watches can be traced back to the mid 16th century. It began as a convenient variation of the clock but was also a fashion statement for men. Before they were kept in pockets, pendant versions were more popular. But then the size and design changed it to being relegated to the pockets.

Antique Pocket Watch With Box

Things changed completely when wrist watches came into the picture and pocket watches became more of a gift item. They fast turned into nostalgic items or thoughtful gifts that were connected to memories.

Although pocket watches fall in the zone of antique gift items, they can also be a snazzy combination of retro and cool. Like these superhero pocket watches of Captain America, Superman and Batman.

Captain America Retro Pocket Watch
Super Man Vintage Pocket Watch

Earlier such items were scarce and hard to find, and mostly at pawn shops or antique shops but now they can be found as online gift options and are not that hard to find. They are also available at multiple price points to suit everyone’s budget and for any person. It could be a gift for grandfathers, gift for dads or even a special gift for friends.

Greatest Dad Vintage Pocket Watch

The variety of pocket watches available make them a great gift idea for young people as well as the older generation. And the best part is that these can be gifted at any time and don’t even need an occasion. The pocket watch is indeed a timeless gift!

Vintage Motorcycle Pocket Watch