Romantic and Cool Valentine Gifts for Men

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, it might be a cliché to say that but for some people it really rings true. And this difference makes it harder for women to buy gifts for their boyfriends, husbands or partners on Valentine’s Day.

While the whole romantic angle nearly always works as far as women are concerned it might not be the same for men. Gifts for men need to a bit unusual as they need to be a combination what they would really like while combining it with the touch of romance.

Some ideas that would work perfectly to achieve that cool and fun, yet romantic gift are as listed below, take your pick.

‘I Love You Everyday’ Mug

Without the pink love hearts and mushy messages, this mug tells it straight as it is.

I Love You Everyday Mug

Personalised Mementos

Let him know how you feel about it in subtle or obvious ways but these mementos make sure the romantic messages are fun.

Together Personalised Memento

‘Who Is The Hottest’ Mirror Card

Flatter your love with this witty Valentine gift that will make them float on cloud nine.

Who Is The Hottest Mirror Card

The Kama Sutra Love Box

Naughty, cheeky and super romantic, this hot gift box will make your Valentine love it the most.

Kama Sutra Love Box
Kama Sutra Love Box

Personalised Underwear for Him

Declare him to be your property with this funny gift that is personalised with your name on it.

Personalised Underwear For Him

So keep in mind, no matter what people say about men wanting useful or macho gifts, on Valentine’s Day everyone wants a touch of romance in their special gifts!

Get Ready with the Perfect Valentine Gift

It’s nearly here, the most exciting time for lovers across the world, Valentine’s Day! An uncanny fervour breaks out at this time of year to make romantic vows, profess your love and make lifelong promises. But the most essential part is the Valentine gift, the one thing that could quite make or break your day.

Anyone In The World Mug

So make sure you don’t falter and wrap up a perfect Valentine’s day with the perfect Valentine gift. And here are some cool, romantic, personalised and evergreen gift ideas that are sure to impress your partner

I Love You Candle

I Love You Candle

A straightforward proclamation of your love! This beautiful candle glows from inside with hearts to bring romance to any room in your house! Just place a tea light inside the hollow of this special candle and watch it transform

Long Distance Personalised Love Memento

Long Distance Personalised Memento

For those looking forward to being together forever, this memento expresses deeper feelings and is the perfect gift for couples looking at a future together. And the name adds a beautiful touch to this personalised gift.

Intimacy: Romantic Game for Couples

Intimacy - Romantic Game For Couples

Make things fun on Valentine’s Day by gifting your girlfriend or boyfriend this intimate and spicy card game. There is no limit to what this game might lead to, so get adventurous and play some games.

Valentine’s Day Personalised Chocolates

Hearts Personalised Chocolate
Valentines Day Personalised Chocolate

You can never go wrong with chocolates on Valentines. And if the chocolates are personalised with your lover’s name or a sweet and romantic message, it is sure to be a hit.

Floating Hearts Frame

Floating Hearts Personalised Glass Frame

Put your favourite couple picture in this lovely glass frame with sweet and colourful hearts floating around. make your loved one’s face light up with this beautiful romantic gift.

Be it an on ongoing strong relationship, one that needs work a bond that’s newly formed, Valentine’s Day is a chance to forge them anew, work on them harder and make them even stronger. So get ready and plan the day and make sure you get all the right gifts!

The Emotional Impact of Gifting

Giving or exchanging gifts is a major part of any celebration. It has become intertwined with rituals and a part of our cultures across the world. Be it a birthday, anniversary or the birth of a new baby, the first thing we start thinking of is what to gift the baby, partner, parents, or whoever the celebration is associated with.

Not many stop to think that the act of giving gifts has a much larger role to play apart from being a form of congratulating people. There are multiple emotions that go into the giving special gifts. The effort, thoughts and feelings convey a special message.

Mystery Message Puzzle

When a gift is given to someone it conveys to them that they are thought about in a special way and are important to the gift giver. Not only do they receive something that gives them happiness but also the effort put in to their gift shows the receiver the care at the other end. It also reflects on the gift giver as a selfless gesture.

Photo Glass Heart

Despite the impression that the recipient of the gifts is the one who makes hay and is the happiest person around on their day, it is worth considering the impact of gifting on the giver too. It cannot be sidelined or minimalised. The gift giver is more often than not also benefits from this seemingly simple act. The positive psychological effects being multiple, from the basic emotion of being able to express their true feelings through a medium to reaping from the appreciation that comes from the recipient’s end.

Couple Photoshoot

Whether the gift is small or big, expensive or cheap, use based or emotion based, its always the thought that counts. Gifting results in deeper and healthier bonds and relationships. It is a basic way of human interaction with many benefits apart from just the materialistic ones.

Fun And Quirky Gift Ideas

When it comes to birthdays, anniversaries, house warming or any other occasion, we try our level best to get gifts that match the occasion. Many a times our focus is also on trying to get a useful gift, one that will be used by the recipient or cherished forever.

What does not strike many people is that sometimes the gift need not be a perfectly apt for the occasion or useful either. There are times when the objective can be to make someone laugh or feel good about themselves or just to make them smile. Some offbeat gift ideas can serve as great gifts even without being right for the occasion or being a useful item.

Get this colorful and cheerful wall hanging to brighten up the house and the people living in it. With just three words on it, good vibes only, it instantly infuses a feeling of positive energy all around.

Good Vibes Only - Wall Hanging
Band Aid Memo

Everyone needs memo pads, at home, in the office or at school. When these memo pads look like band aids, they are bound to lift your spirits apart from noting down your to dos. And we all need some lifting up during the course of the day, a band aid for our hearts.

Dachshund dog style magnets are a cute way to pin your pics or notes on the fridge or your magnetic board. Use it’s different body parts to stick things around. A truly unique and quirky gift for those who enjoy a good laugh.

Dachshund Dog Styled Magnets
Gym Canvas Clock

This witty gym clock is the perfect motivation to get you off the bed and straight into your workout. get some light hearted fun in the house to help you lift those heavy weights. A fun way to keep yourself mentally and physically fit and happy.

And last but not least is this fun and quirky (and actually useful) gift idea, the pocket cushion. When you don’t find anything anywhere… look here! This very useful cushion lies on your couch safely cradling your TV remotes, pens, snacks and other little objects in it’s two pockets. 

Pockets Cushion

The main point of a gift is to bring a smile to the face of you loved ones, so dont always focus on whats the right gift that will be of use or right for the occasion. Think about what will bring cheer, joy and humour and go for that once in a while.