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10 Wonderful Valentine Gifts To Impress Your Boyfriend - Exciting Lives

10 Wonderful Valentine Gifts To Impress Your Boyfriend

Sometimes, pouring your heart out is not good enough to impress your boyfriend. You need to follow it up with gifts. But, what do guys actually want? Do they even know what they want? It can get quite challenging and confusing to shop for your guy. Exciting Lives understands your dilemma and has made things easier for you, by putting together a wide range of products, to cater to all kinds of tastes. Here are 10 wonderful Valentine Gifts to impress your boyfriend. Do write in to us later and let us know how it all went.

Ring For Love Mini Bell

Funny stylish hand bell that you ring for your loved one. The text on the bell reads – ‘Ring For Love’ and is printed on a metallic red surface. The cute little product can also be used as a key chain,

Box Of Kinky

This compact box contains dirty sex coupons with extreme ideas and information for couples willing to try just about anything! Also included are tips, tricks and ideas for kinky lovemaking. Cards contain extreme activity ideas and suggestions for adult couples.

4Play – The Game Before The Game

Ever tried going down a water slide without water? Then you will realize the importance of foreplay. 4PLAY is a first of its kind board game that is dedicated to get you and your partner wet, before the actual act! The 24 different tasks come with a precise time limit each, This makes completing 3 turns each a challenge! Cheat/Denial to perform a task welcomes an erotic punishment. So spin the wheel and let your destiny decide the path tonight!

I Fucking Love You Mug

Sometimes, its hard to tell people how you really feel. That’s when you need to hand them the I Fucking Love You Mug. Let out your feelings with brutal honesty in this simple but direct piece of ceramic.

Kama Sutra Clock

For those who need to do it all the time, this quirky clock is a great gift. With a different position marked out for each hour, the personalised Kama Sutra clock can keep you busy all day!

Engraved Wooden Bottle Opener

This engraved wooden bottle opener is a classy and interesting bar accessory – ideal of your home or for gifting. Add a short message or a couple’s name to the opener and make it a permanent memento.

Photo Personalised Candle

This cute little fragrance candle comes with a personalised print on its wall. With a photo print in the middle and your caption at the bottom, it is ideal for any special occasion or a gift as a permanent keepsake on your desk at home or at work.

Name A Star

Gift a real star in the sky named after someone special. It’s the perfect way of telling them that they are the centre of your universe – it is just ideal on a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or other occasions.

Personalised Newspaper

Gift this truly amazing personalised newspaper front-page print that has your choice of newspaper name, headlines and other details. With its permanent print and great quality, it makes for the best possible gift on a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion. You can either fold the print over a real newspaper to surprise someone or frame it (framing not included) as a permanent memento!

Wooden Personalised Spotify Song Code Key Chain

Get your favourite song permanently imprinted on this personalised key chain with the Spotify Code that can be scanned to play the song on the app. The key chain carries a photograph, song name, artist and the Spotify Code for that song. It’s a very unique and memorable gift for your loved ones and friends.

To find 10 wonderful Valentine Gifts to impress your boyfriend, visit Exciting Lives. Do read the sections given below for more such creative and fun ideas.

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