10 Affordable & Personalised Birthday Gifts Ideas

What would a perfect birthday gift be like? One that the receiver loves, one that is uniquely personalised and one that suits the pocket of the one who is gifting it. Take a look at these cool birthday gift ideas that cover all three aspects of the perfect gift.

1. Teddy with Happy Birthday Message in a Bottle

Teddy With Happy Birthday Message Bottle

You can have your very own heart warming message put inside this cute little bottle with an even cuter Teddy to deliver it. A sweet little gift for children or even a romantic gift for your partner.

2. The Year You Were Born poster

The Year You Were Born Poster

This is a unique poster gift that carries the year of birth and information related to that year, like celebrities born or important inventions. It is a great birthday gift to mark the special year.

3. Awesome Age Mug

Awesome Age Mug

Nothing hits you on a birthday like your age! Put the magic number on a mug and gift to friends. This age mug is a great gift idea for special birthday numbers like 13, 18, 30 and 50!

4. Personalised Birthday Candle

Birthday Personalised Candle

Take the age greeting a bit further and make the birthday wish more personalised with this candle gift that carries both the age and name. A great personalised gift for anyone of any age.

5. Photo Chocolate with your Message and Pic

Blue Personalised Photo Chocolate

The best gift for those who have a sweet tooth, made extra special with a lovely photo and personalised caption on the cover.

6. Glowing Name Personalised Pen

Glowing Name Personalised Pen

A cool gift for school and college kids or anyone who loves writing. This smooth pen has can be personalised with their name that glows on pressing the button on it. A fun gift for birthdays.

7. Happy Pink Flowers Magnet

Happy Pink Flowers Magnet

A gift for the home and for the special person whose birthday it is, this cute magnet looks extra adorable with your favourite picture on it. A great memento for birthdays.

8. Personalised Metal Wallet Card

Personalised Metal Wallet Card

This high quality metallic photo card is a cool insert for your wallet. It makes for a wonderful keepsake.

9. Luggage tag

Personalised Tag

Get this super cool luggage accessory as a birthday gift for friends or family. With their pic on it, it can be used on school bags, purses and even travel bags. A personalised gift that will set your aprt in your travels.

10. Personalised Mirror Card

You Are The Reason Mirror Card

A touching and unique gift that anybody would love. This amazing greeting card has a mirror on the front that reflects the recipient’s face. With your very own message in addition, this wonderful gift will make everyone smile.

Great gifts at great prices that are sure to make the recipient’s happy, a sure fire hit for any birthday!

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